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johnathen shade-bounty hunter

Guest bobman235

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Guest bobman235

I was thinking. I am about to start my first character DayZRP Standalone (but I have played on the mod) and I have been thinking about a sort of bounty hunter character.

now of course I wouldn't just be paid and then kos my targets that's why I would like to pass this by every one to see what you think

------------------------------------------step one---------------------------------------------

cash deposit

if someone would like to place a hit on someone one then they pay a cash deposit. i will need a reason for you wanting the target dead. that the amount depends on the target. for example the leader of a group or a member of 4-5/B-7 would be a more expensive hit then a lone survivor or a member of the free medics. the cash deposit is half up front and if I die before the hit is complete you lose you deposit. I do not have to do your dirty work so I don't want to kill your target then I will not take your hit.

------------------------------------------step two---------------------------------------------

the hunt

now I am looking for the target. if the target dose not come online for 3 days when I am online for at least hour (the target in on for as long as me or an hour if I am still on after an hour) then the hit is called of and I will give you back half your deposit. the other half is for my trouble and not being able to take another hit while hunting your target.

--------------------------------------------the kill---------------------------------------------

when I find the target I will indicate as if it is a robbery. if I die hear or at any time before the hit is completed then you lose your deposit is lose and the hit is failed.

when I get the target to drop there gun I will start saying that they are wanted by someone for what ever reason I am given at the tie of the hit being placed. I will give them any message if there was ne left for them. I will ask them for there last words and then I will kill them. I will contact you on the radio and will game the other half of my pay. if I do not get the other half then I will add you to my hit list ( which is made up of my current target and any one who has not given me my payment)


thank you for taking the time to read this. please let me know what you think about this idea and please leave suggestions in the comments.

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Guest bobman235

What are you thinking of using for cash? Bullets? Beer? Beans? Bananas?

what ever I need at the time. a gun, some ammo, food, or even a car could be used as payment, maybe even a favor or you could let me live (im looking at you 45/B-17)

What are you thinking of using for cash? Bullets? Beer? Beans? Bananas?

Yeah you don't really mean real cash like paypal right?

well if you want to go that way im cool but no. I mean in game items.

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