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CommanderCaleb's ban appeal

Guest CommanderCaleb

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Guest CommanderCaleb

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Ban Reason: Global Ban #c28db4

Ban will be lifted: Never

Why the verdict is not fair:

I believe that the verdict is fair as for Battleye is mostly a trusted source.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Early today I decide to get on to play some DayzRP, as for the last few days i've been devoting a lot of hours and time into the server because i've been in love with it, I launch Dayz and I join the server after around ten minutes of attempting to get in, the moment I get in a Battleye Global ban message pops up and it hits me that i'm attempting to play on my other account, which was hacked a few months ago from a phony steam site. I notice that im on the wrong account and switch over to my other one that I use now for mostly all my steam games other then a few such as Arma 3, etc. I log into my other account, launch the game and join the server after another few minutes of trying to get in and everything is fine, I play for id say maybe an hour or two and then while at Green Mountain a message pops up and says something like "You have been kicked off the Game Battleye Global Ban", at this moment i'm in shock and I go onto the forums to see a message saying my forum account is banned. I immediately try to get on the teamspeak to see if I can discuss this with an admin and explain the situation but told that the best way to get appealed is through this.

As for my other steam account that was hacked a few months ago, the story was I sent a trade link for some CS GO items (Counter Strike). It was early in the morning and I opened the link and it seemed like just any other steam sign in page, so I signed in and a few hours later my account was hijacked, all my counter strike items were stolen along with what I found out later was all my Arma cd keys including Dayz SA, that were all later globally banned.

It took me around a week to get my account back with constant emails with Steam Support shown here:




What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I hope that this issue can be resolved and fixed, I am in love with this server and community the last thing I would want to see is to be exiled from it. I do not know of any more evidence I can provide but if you have suggestions I will do my best to get them.

I am a very legitimate player, I am highly against cheaters in any game from DayZ mod or to Standalone, infact one of the main reasons that brought me back to DayzRP was that the rates of cheating, glitching, exploting, and even hacking were very low. As many other stand-alone servers are facing a very all time high with cheaters, as I am also a victim of those.

What could you have done better?:

Informed the staff team either earlier today that I attempted to log in with my other account that was hijacked a few months prior.

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You will be asked to provide screenshots of the emails you provided, but they must include all headers. You can edit out any important information, but its important for the staff to see where the emails came from.

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Guest CommanderCaleb


It is a different email account as for this one was compromised when my account was hijacked, they were able to go into my email and accept the steam verify codes to get access to my account.

So when I did make the steam support account (that same day) I used my other email address.

Just wanted to verify this.



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Hi CommanderCaleb

Thank you for your patients and your understanding. You provided everything we need.

Welcome back to DayZRP.


Appeal accepted

You will be unbanned

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