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A new man.


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My name is Elijah Kilborn. I am 22 years old and started my college education at 17 after graduating from Palmer high school in Colorado Springs. I am a physiologist from Colorado springs Colorado. 5 years into my enrollment at University Of Colorado I was offered a study over seas at place called университет из Черногорск . Or University of Chernogorsk in English.

Growing up I always wanted one thing, why? Why do we think the way we think? Why do we do the things we do. I carried that through adolescence and into my adult life. During high school I always had ok grades. Mostly just B's and C's. I was in the "in crowd" but didn't really try to hangout with them as much and was more of a lone wolf. I was diagnosed with diabetes and generalized anxiety as well when I was 15. As I eat and drink less healthy foods I will need injections and Epi Pens to prevent my body from shutting down. I played college level basketball on a full boat to University of Colorado. I was 29th in my class and had a 3.3 GPA.

During the time I flew to Chernogorsk I was hearing on the news that people were getting nervous about a potential anarchy and military involvement in Russia. My college was just 10 miles from Balota Military Base. This made me nervous and scared. The worst part was no one knew why the citizens were rebelling.

I studied in Cherno for a year and 9 months, just 3 short of my masters degree I awoke one morning and heard gun shots and yelling and screaming. It was 9am, and raining. The smoke rose from buildings lit with fire. People were dirty, burnt, and bleeding. The chaos was describable. You could hear the authorities yelling " Опустите оружие. Каждый оставаться спокойным . Пребывание в вашем доме или вы будете расстреляны. Opustite oruzhiye. Kazhdyy ostavat'sya spokoynym . Prebyvaniye v vashem dome ili vy budete rasstrelyany. " Which meant. "Put down your weapons. Everyone remain calm. Stay in your house or you will be shot." I then saw what the panic was about. A small girl ran out into the road, behind her trailing was a gross violently twitching woman. Her clothes were mangled and tattered and her face was covered in bloody wounds. The girl fell to her knee and as she was going to get back up, the woman struck her in the head. The little girls shrill let out and a chill shivered up my back. The woman bit into her neck with a swift motion prying back the skin of her throat like a wild lion eating a wilder beast. The little girls screams of pain terror and death never left my head.

I made a run out the front door and i could see the hordes of these things being shot down by military personal. When a guard yelled to me I didnt turn away. I ran. As fast as I could. The smell of dead bodies and decaying organs were filling the air. Russian Police forces were wearing gas masks and rebels wearing surgical masks. Just as I ran past a grocery store a small man ran to the entrance and threw a Molotov cocktail into the store. I needed to find a place. I knew just the spot. I ran through the tree line with the sound of explosions and gunfire ringing through the air like Christmas carols on Christmas day. I had barely any supplies and had just my blue mountain back pack for school on at the time and a black hoddie. I ran to a place called Pavlovo or pretty close to it. Now I begin my journey in this horror movie like scenario as I fend for my life day by day. Were all in this together.

It has been about 3 weeks since the outbreak and all signs of life and others are now void. I need to find anyone. If you read this I will be at a place called green mountain. Right above Zelenogorsk. Stay safe and if you are reading this good luck.

PS- I write all my notes in blue ink. I will be keeping a journal. You can find me with blue. I will be at GM. Try to contact me on 94.6. Thank you.


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