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need a new server. seriously.


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i have gotten my character wiped 3 times already due to logging in a minute or two after server restart because its getting full at like 40 people, i have to wait 5 minutes every restart before joining in, and once i war 5 minutes i can't join because people that don't have this problem can join instantly. we really need a new server, I'm not the only one that needs to wait before joining in after server restarts and are probably having this problem too, honestly i can't play dayzrp with it being this full because i will continue to lose characters if i rush to get in after server restarts.

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For someone as demanding as you, you should at LEAST donate to support the community and future expansions.

Besides, it has already been said that its not a matter of getting new servers, but a matter of enforcing rules on those servers. Currently there are enough people to keep an eye out on two servers only.

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  • MVP

You need to use search. Seriously.


We will very likely be getting more servers once we have log access and reports down a bit. Expect it late this month/early next month

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  • Sapphire

Sure there is the problem of overpopulation on the servers and you really have to learn/triangulate when the best times are to be on.

Til' this 'problem' is fixed I just say that you should study the peak times and such. The developers, admins, game-masters and helpers alike do quite alot for this 'mod' (SA Server). Just be patient, it's a virtue.

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im not being demanding, and I'm sorry i had make another thread, but none reads replies at page 7. i like this server, i got no money, and i can't play either, for the ignorant that didn't read my post and just read the title such as igroock, i can only join when a server restarts, but i have to start all over, because my connection makes the character hive load 5 minutes after the server, and if i wait 5 minutes, it gets full again. if i don't, my character gets reset. causing me to not being able to play, me and friends are trying to make a clan, webpage ready and everything. don't take it as a demand nor a complaint, take it as an advice.

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Best bet is to be patient and wait for server restarts, my friend is usually in the server and tells me when someone leaves, so if you can do that then go ahead. It's a pain getting in but once you're in, you're in. But it seems to me you need better connection more than anything..

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  • Sapphire

I mean if you want to pay for an extra server feel free they are not cheap you know since you have to get them official server hosting websites currently.

If the server files were released and allowed to be ran off privately owned servers like the ones Rolle has it would be a different story.

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  • Emerald

this has been suggested numerous times, please view the other threads for an answer regarding this.


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