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same i.p.

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Me and my brother are both white listed and we are in the same house with the same I.P. and the same connection and I cant join his server. Were trying to play on the DayZRP US one and It keeps saying connection to host was lost or something like that. Help? Should I reset my computer? I already have reset dayz. Also, he's in the game already I just cant join even though there was like 10 slots open. Help?

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/moving to Questions and solving

Before you guys get in-game, can you and your brother come into TeamSpeak to speak with one of the staff members?

As for your issue, follow the picture below:


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whats the TS server? He's knew to the whole PC gaming scene and doesnt know much about it all. Just lead me to the place I need to be to talk to a admin and Ill get right on it. Thanks!

also do we both use that -port=52302 thing or just one of us?

Just one. You both want to have different ports, so only one person needs to change.

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You can connect directly to the DayZRP TeamSpeak through the Community tab at the top of your page. If it asks for a password, type in: dayzrp

Only one of you need to change your port.

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As I said, you can connect directly through the community tab at the top of your page.

Hover over it and click on TeamSpeak. It will ask for permission to run TeamSpeak, allow it. Once you've launched, it might ask you for the password for the DayZRP TS, type in: dayzrp

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Yes, you both need to come in and speak with us.

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