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Changing Whitelist

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After submitting my whitelist application about 2 days ago and I have begun to realize that my explanations on some of the rules may have not been perfectly detailed which is why I think mine might get rejected. I was wondering if there is any way I can send a new one? I still don't think it was bad but I just want to make it perfect if it might get rejected. Thanks for taking the time for whoever answers this thread!:)

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  • Emerald

Unfortunately you will have to wait until your current application is processed before you are either let in or given another chance to send another one.

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  • MVP

Yes, it is like sending a letter in the mail. Once it is sent, its sent.

Q: If I donate, will I have a better chance of getting accepted?

A: No, as a donor you are allowed to apply and get priority in the queue, but your application still has to meet all requirements and you have to answer all questions correctly just like non-donors. Donating does NOT guarantee being whitelisted nor does it whitelist you automatically.

This is from FAQ. You will be listed higher on the priority queue to get your application looked at, it will make the waiting go by faster then if you didn't donate.

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You are allowed three applications before you get black-listed from sending in any more. Try and take note of why it got rejected (if it does) as the admin who reviews it will leave a note on what it was missing and it could be something seriously minor, but they have to be harsh to make sure each applicant shows that they know, and can explain, the rules in their entirety.

My advice would be to draft up your application, then post it onto the forums to get it peer-reviewed, rather than submitting it straight away. This way you can be totally sure you haven't missed anything out. The community helpers and even other members of the forum can be a great asset when drafting your application.

My first application was rejected because I failed to state the 1km area boundary. Like I said, it can be something as simple as missing 3 characters (as I had). I even gave an example which pretty much stated if you died in Elektro, you couldn't return to Elektro or the surrounding area. However, I failed to state 1km exactly and that is why it was rejected.

Hope this answers your question and good luck on your next application! :)

Edit: The applications are reviewed in a particular order based on quality, length and donor status. The more detail you put into your application, the faster it will be looked at. My application took two days to write, around 20 minutes to be reviewed and accepted.

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  • Emerald

Ok thanks:) is it bad that I've been waiting 2 days to get it reviewed?

Not really, we've had a mass influx of players, you tubers and streamers recently. Admins are doing this all in their spare time - and if anything are a little overwhelmed by the amount of applications, so it may take some time for the whitelist to be processed.

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