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Introducing Myself - Jimmy Basil Here

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Hey everyone!

My name is Jimmy Basil, and I just got whitelisted to play in your community. I've been playing DayZ for about a year now and I just recently found out about this community, and from what I've read and seen looks like a ton of fun. Looking forward to meeting and playing with you in game, and having interactions with other players that won't result in a fight 99.9% of the time. I can see by large volume of applicants these past few days that I'm not the only one playing this game that feels that way, so great work on what you guys are doing here!

I'm always looking for new friends to play with, and new adventures to go on. I'll be on tonight for sure... See you in game!

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Hey man, welcome to the community, officially! You know... since you've been whitelisted. Rock on. I can promise you that playing here is an entirely different experience. Maybe I'll see you in-game sometime in the future, you never know.

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