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198.5 Reaper Radio Frequency


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  • Emerald

*sitting next to an old ashwood tree up north, Jack brings his radio to his mouth and pushes the button*

"This is a message....to all those that prey on the innocent....to the ones that rob and steal from all the kindhearted people that you take for granted....you day of judgement shall come. Now when I was younger, my granddaddy always told me the God would judge us when He was ready....well for you cowards, I am here to speed up the process, now just like we serve a forgiving God, I will offer you a chance at redemption...a chance to change your wicked ways, but if you choose not to redeem your self....well, there's no place in this world for the wicked. Oh...before I go, let me just say this, whats done in the dark shall be brought to the light...so best to beware the reapers might....have a nice day!"

*Jack stands up and pulls out his pocket knife, he begins to carve a skull insignia on the tree and then he slowly walks away*

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  • Sapphire

*After shifting through a couple of radio frequencies Marko eventually comes across this messages and holds down the radio button to respond*

"So let me get this straight you think you are some sort of God? You think you can just judge everybody and hand out the punishments under your own jurisdiction without even asking yourself why such people do these sorts of things? Maybe you haven't heard the recent transmissions about how fucked we all are....Perhaps you should go back to whatever corner you are hiding in and stop living in a fantasy world where you think you can threaten people over a radio frequency with the wrath of God and his reapers. I for one do not fear the Reapers as it sounds like some little boys attempt at being tough my advice to you is grow up."

*After finishing replying to the radio message Marko lets go off the Radio button and says to himself*

"Stupid kids don't they have better things to be doing than threatening people over the radio frequencies? like surviving maybe...good riddance"

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  • Emerald

*Listening to the recent message Jack again pushes the button to speak on his radio*

Look I don't know who the hell you are son, but at times like these the human race has to stick together, not go at each others throats just for some food or clothes. We are born natural overcomers but we can't achieve anything if we don't stick together. Right now the world is full of chaos, and those that prey on the weak only add to this chaos, as I said there is a chance for redemption...but they choice is yours. No I am not God, but I was born to do His will....yes I have heard the transmission but I am not losing hope, because once hope is gone there is no tomorrow. So son if you are one of those "cowards" preying on the innocent, then the choice is your to make...redeem your self or reap what you sowed....

*Jack stops next to a old pub, walks in and takes a seat waiting for a response*

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  • Sapphire

*Marko listens to the reply and once again replies*

"OK let me just tell you one thing here you are not Gods prophet and you are definitely not his messenger nor born to do his will. I may not be very knowledgeable on religion yet I know the religion of my own country and that religion would not promote some sort of crusade against people you deem to be wicked or otherwise."

"You talk about a world full of chaos you think by going around dishing out justice in the name of God isnt chaotic? by the sounds of it you plan on doing the same as the people you yourself condemn. Oh and one last thing for an obvious God fearing man like yourself you would think you would know that no one is Innocent all humans are born with sin....and that includes you perhaps you should think about that for a while before you write up your list of people for your "reapers" to go and find ey?"

"Im done with your messages you're just another moronic fanatic and iv had more than enough of those recently...."

*the radio cuts off abruptly after the last word is said and only static remains*

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  • Emerald

*Jacks smirks a little as he brings his radio back to his mouth*

You have heard my message to heed the warning my friend...Revelations 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

*Jack reaches behind the counter of the pub and finds a can of warm beer, he cracks it open and takes a sip before setting his radio on the counter awaiting another reply*

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  • 1 month later...
  • Emerald

*Jack sits inside the pub in Berenzino, after finding a few cans of beer he cracks on open and takes a sip and turns on his radio*

Hello is anyone there, this is Jack...Jack the Reaper. I am here to tell you all, don't let these "bandits" scare ya, don't let them run all over ya...fight back! And for those who can't fight for themselves...then we will fight for them! We won't stand back a watch as our brothers and sisters are belittled and disrespected! The time has come for the wicked ones to reap what they sowed!

*BAM! BAM! Jack fires two shots from his magnum into the air, chugs another can of bear and crushes the can on his head*

Ow ow ow! God dammit!...

*The radio goes silent...*

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  • Sapphire

**Andrews radio crackles to life and he listens to the message., after hearing the message Andrew presses the button and begins to talk into the microphone.

"It's been a while Jack, how've you been? I sure hope that gunshots weren't you getting killed now were they? No, of course not. No one kills Jack."

He releases the button and continues walking down the road, mumbling as he goes further into madness

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  • Sapphire

*Dominik sits around the campfire listening to the conversation until it's over and picks up his radio*

"Hey Jack, you know this guy? He sounds familiar. What's your name man?"

*You hear a few soft chords from a guitar and the voice comes back*

"A friend of Jack's is a friend of mine-" *You hear yelling in the background* "Damn it Stitches! how many times do I have to tell you-"

*Radio goes to static*

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

*In the morning, the sun rays penetrated the trees and into Mikhail's eyes waking him up, he picks up the radio and begins to talk

Mr. Jack...

Anton and I are gonna go on a little supply run.

Been kinda low on food for the past couple of days...

The little fucker also wants a new vest

Says his vest is too small or something, you know?

Greedy little fucker isn't he, you know?

Anyway, I will meet up with you fine fucks later today

You know?

*forgetting to turn off his radio, voices in the background can be heard

Бог черт возьми , Антон ! Где мой чертов кофе ?! Я думал, вы сказали, что нашли некоторые ?!

*the transmission abruptly cuts out and the static resumes once more...

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  • Emerald

*Sitting down next to a tree north of Mogilevka, Jack brings the radio to his lips*

Michael mane, don't talk about ya brother like that mane...he's a good guy. But yeah mane, if you can, while on that run can you pick me up some chewing gum...been craving it for days now hehehe!

*Jack reaches into his pack and takes out a glass bottle filled with some sort of coffee mixture and takes a small sip*


*Spitting the drink on the ground and throwing the bottle over his shoulder, he then removes a can of Pipsi and chugs it down*

Ah...thats more like it mane, also Michael we need to set up a patrol route mane...I asked your brother about this and he ask me to see what you and the rest of the Reapers thought about it, anyways I'm signing off...going to take a little siesta hehehe!

*Jack turns the radio off and puts his hat over his eyes, laying back on the tree dosing off*

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  • Emerald

Snoozing and not wanting yet to wake up Joey hears his radio go off and he opens his eyes when Michail starts shouting at Anton

"Бог черт возьми , Антон ! Где мой чертов кофе ?! Я думал, вы сказали, что нашли некоторые ?!"

Joey smirks and just for the sake of hearing some decent language talks to himself; "Бедняга, пизда, Дик"

"Time to pack up and go to Anton and Michail, they've got some coffee left, still..."

While walking through the countryside Joey hears the familiar voice of Jack going over the radio and Joey decides to throw in a long answer the moment Jack has finished talking. Upon hearing Jack signing off, he presses his button and starts talking

"Jack, I agree we should set up a patrol route, but not only that I think we shouldn't travel alone as well. Always in groups of minimal 3 man.

You know, yesterday a third man would have been more then welcome. Now....we.....had to split up..."

Shivers go down Joey's spine again when he thinks back at the previous day

"I know, we got lucky in the end, with Anton only wounded, but it could have been far worse, you know, we could have lost somebody for real that day.

But at least we did a good thing yesterday, so in the end it was worth it, you know.

Think about it, Joey out."

After having released the button, Joey picks up a little speed. There is coffee waiting at the end of his journey, fresh coffee.

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  • Emerald

*Slowly walking through a town, Anton lets out a heavy sigh and stops to lean up against a sign post. He is noticeably out of breath as he brings the radio up to his lips and speaks*

"Ah mista Jack....don't mind my brother he is always like this even as kids growing up he would always get the best things, more toys, more food and..."

*He sighs and shakes his head whilst looking down at the ground*

"more attention from father, but he is family and Father always said 'family is everything Anton, never forget that'.

*Mikhail can be heard shouting in the distance and Anton looks up as a grin appears across his face*

"ha my brother thinks I'm some kind of sporty man, has me running around these towns with no breaks looking for supplies for the boys in the group, I think he's trying to impress someone. eh Mr jack know that my brother is as much dedicated to his role in this group as he was in the security forces, I just hope we can prove ourselves to you. Well I hope to see you soon my friend and maybe we can have a drink together."

*He takes his finger away from the button and places the radio in his shirt pocket as his brother can be seen beckoning him from down the street, Anton smiles and begins humming a light tune as he walks away*

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  • Emerald

Stitches pants heavily as he sprints away from the camp, weaving through the tree line and dodging the foliage, carrying Doms extra guitar strings and giggling wildly as Dom shouted at him from the camp, ducking behind a tree he paused to tie the extra strings into a necklace and string them through a guitar pick he poked a hole in. He giggled and pulled the radio out from the clip of his chest

Ohhhh Dom! I made you a present! Its like uh, Macaroni art, but more destructive and I may be beaten for it... So not macaroni art.... Damn! Well er um, Dont hurt me, dont dont dont DONT DONT DONT BEAT ME! GET AWAY FROM ME SULLIVAN YOU FUCK ILL GUT YOU WITH THIS SHARD OF MACARONI YOU SADISTIC FUCKER!

Stitches breaths heavily and sobbed slighty

Oh heavens! Forgive me for shouting, Anyway, Gents shall we cleanse the uhm Land and such of evil men? Oh! Its just like a story where we are all knights! Doms like Arthur! Im Percival! Percival has the coolest horse! Do we get to slay a dragon? I bet Dom slays lots of dragons!

Stitches giggles hysterically into the radio until he decides to let go of the button and run back to the camp and give Dom his new present

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  • Emerald

*Jericho pauses from taking a drink and angrily unclips his radio from his belt. He brings it up to his face and presses the button to transmit*

"Stitches, I swear to GOD if I have to listen to your crazy fucking laughter for another goddamn SECOND I'm gonna kick your ass with Dom's new "present".

*He stops his rant for a second to look around him, hoping none of the infected heard him yelling at Stitches. A screech can be heard over the static, two gunshots follow, along with a loud clunk*

"For once could you just keep your damn mouth SHUT and not cause my radio to -*More screams can be heard, with more gunshots following*- God damn it, nevermind, I don't have time for this bullshit right now, I've gotta go."

*He quickly clips the radio onto his belt, heading out the back door of a house and into the forest behind*

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*While sitting alone pondering in his bed, he hears a man who sounds insane transmit over the radio, then a reply from Jericho.*

"Well... Let me tell you man.. *his injuries are still vocalized* the only things you will be slaying and should be slaying are the biters... *He coughs a bit* But you are not what... really got my attention.. Jericho... hows it been and from... the context of the other guys transmission... this must be a frequency that is housing the men... who captured me... By the way, no hard feelings... I am forgiving you... This man who is taking care of me.. Is what I needed to stay sane... Listen.. Once Im all fixed up and out of his house, I hope we can meet again... I've talked to Dalton already about stuff... Caught him up.. So just ask him about me... *He pauses for quite a while* And Jericho.. I know its hard with the lose of Boone.. If I hadn't had gone mad he might still be here... I blame myself for at least half of the reason of why he killed himself... I've lost many... Alright and you have too... We have to keep pushing... because we can't loose anymore.... *he coughs mildly* Not you... Not Dalton... Not Quinn... Not Aurora... Not Zed... And Not Montanez... We cant... *he says under his breath* Not her...

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  • Emerald

*Jack brings his radio to his mouth while using his magnum to blow an infected brains out*


Anthony you and your brother, well mane, I enjoy your company...makes me wish I would have had a better relationship with my own brother...you two keep having each others back because a brother's love is strong...


Umm...I don't know who this here other fella is, but sounds like he's pretty beat up...umm buddy you need some assistence or something mane?

BAM! BAM! click click click...

God dammit!

*The radio then cuts off as Jack runs towards Green Mountain from a nearby town being chased by a conga line of infected*

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*Dave listens, flipping through his book by fire light, he pauses as Rel stirs in his sleep, then turns and slowly pushes the receiver button on the radio*

I must say, Jack, I am very interested. If you truly seek to to the Lord's will and vanquish these evil - doers then we are on the same page.

*Flips through pages to find the one he wants*

He who practices in deceit, shall not dwell within my house; he who tells lies shall not remain in my sight. Every morning I will destroy all the wicked in the land, that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the LORD.

I hope we can work together Jack, so bring our Lords justice to this land, and to be an extension of his rod, to put down these agents of wickedness.

*Dave releases the radio button, pauses for thought, carefully places another log on the fire and goes on reading. Rel snores and the fire softly cracks*

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  • Emerald

*Listening to the new voice on the radio, Jack sticks a piece of chewing gum in his mouth*

Smack! Smack!

Hm...sorry mane, haven't had chewing gum in a long time...Anyways, may I ask your name stranger...you seem like a real God fearing man who knows His word well...

*Attempting to blow a bubble, Jack accidently spits his gum onto the ground*

Oh mane, what the hell!

*Looking into his bag he pulls out another piece and enters a pub in Staroye and sits down at the bar awaiting another reply from the newcomwer*

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*quickly turns down volume as Rel begins to stir, listens to the words, thinks for a minute, then decides to answer*

Name's Dave Harrington. Heard a bit about your group killin' some bandits, so I thought I'd tune in to see if I could figure out what you were about. I'm must say i'm pretty pleasantly surprised.

Don' know if you heard of us be we are the Western Watch. Been trying to give them bandits Hell for a few weeks now. There are a lot of them though, and our numbers are still small.

Maybe if the rest of your boys share your enthusiasm for justice, our groups could come to some sort of understanding.

*Sets radio back down, noticing that Rel has become annoying and wrapped a shirt around his head to block the noise. Dave settles down against a tree and throws another log onto the fire*

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  • Emerald

*bringing the radio to his mouth, Jack thinks about what he should say and then presses the button*

Okay...Dan, perhaps our groups should have a meetup to discuss a possible alliance, I believe both our boys could benefit from having someone to call on for help...and together we can give those "bandits" hell hehehe!

*Jack sets the radio down, reaching over the counter grabbing a warm can of beer he takes a few sips*

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*Dave listens, realizing Jack is probably drunk, he doesn't bother correcting the name mistake*

Definitely, don't know if your crew told ya, but we called them yesterday when we ran into the masquerade. Called them a bit late though and we were scattered before they could get mobilized. They told us to call before the fight next time. I look forward to hearing from you.

*depresses radio switch, pulls hat down low, and falls into an

uneasy sleep*

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  • MVP

*After completing a transmission to the Chernarus Post, Kazimir tunes to "198.5" as given to him by the Reapers at the meeting, in hopes that they will respond*

"This is Major Kazimir Veselovsky of the Ministry of the Interior. I met a "Dom" at the meeting who said we could reach your group over this frequency. Both the Royal Reds, the 101st Regiment of the CDF, and the Ministry, along with countless other groups sympathetic to our cause of freedom and safety, have been harassed, attacked and tortured by bandit groups, most notably the Blackwood Militia among others, the Masquerades, and the Family. These groups have not only continued in their attacks, but have harmed those close to us, as-well as many other innocent travelers and inhabitants of South Zagoria."

"I beseech you to meet us and other groups that share our outlook on these matters so that we may discuss not only security, but also how we may improve the future for our family and friends. We must make this a place in which those who dare to take advantage of the innocent and less fortunate will be punished. Please respond to frequency 142.6, which is a government channel used by us to broadcast a speech yesterday about what must be done. You may have heard it already, if so please respond to it over that frequency. If you require assistance you may contact us over 144.28, or the CDF at 132.65. Thank you, and stay safe."

*Kazimir shuts his notepad and goes outside to get a drink of water and some fresh air*

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

*reaching into his pouch, Mikhail presses down and begins to speak

Mr. Jack...

These MVC fucks...

Are nothing short of incompetent...

I have traveled and fought alongside the Reds

And truly I respect them

Especially that Aiden Hayes fuck

::reluctantly swallows pride::

A man who can knock me down...

I can trust through thick and thin...

The CDF...

Lt. Bardov has earned my respect

Through multiple adventures he has protected me and my comrades

Mr. Lasse, the Norwegian, also has my respect, even if it is in extremely small amounts

He, even though he hates living shit out of me

Has not failed to protect me and watch my back

What of you Kazimir? What of you and your men? What have you done?

Do you cower in some remote corner of South Zagoria

Dealing out empty threats and promises?

Where are your achievements, Kazimir?

Have you stopped a robbery yet?

No, of course not! You're too scared to come out of your little hole and face them head on.

Have you done anything at all, but stroke your pride and hope that everything would resolve themselves?

Don't give me the bullshit that you are trying!

Because if you are truly trying then many of our problems would already have been resolved.

You also say you are a trained force consisting of former police members, OREL and the elite COBR and yet

A group of former mental asylum patients, a ragtag group of armed men and a bunch of loons wearing masks can best you?

What kind of trained force are you?

I will not fight with these fucks, Mr. Jack

Until they can prove to me they can do something except hide from their problems

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  • Emerald

*After reading the letter Erik left behind at The Ranch, Mitch suddenly turns on his walkies-talkie*

Erik...*sniffles*...if you can hear me...no matter what choices you make and what path you follow

To me you will always be a Reaper...*sniffles*...I'm sorry....I am just very confused right now.....

*The static goes off as then there is silence throughout the air*

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  • Emerald

*Harry's radio would come to life, in a flutter of chatter as he adjusted the dial to find some kind of contact*

H-Hello? Wha- Who's this? I need to meet someone, I just want some friends, looking to form a group?

H-Hello? Hello hello?


*Harry would wait for a reply*

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