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Whitelist appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

As I cannot link to my personal Whitelist page, here's a screenshot of it:


Why the verdict is not fair:

Verdict states that "NLR is missing cool down timer detail" which is a reference to a New Life Rule that forbids me as a player from returning to the location of my death before a bare minimum of 90 minutes has passed. And my application did state that. Exact quote from my application is: "I CAN NOT visit the location of my death before at least 1,5 hours have passed". Obviously I can not link you back to my application. I still have it saved on my Google Drive, but that would not prove much, as it is understandably easy to edit it past submitting it for whitelisting. This is why I hope that DayZRP saves people's whitelisting applications, so that they can be re-evaluated at a later time by the stuff. It was my second application, and obviously I still have my third try, and I will re-apply if this appeal will be unsuccessful.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

If DayZRP saves people's whitelisting applications and those can be easily accessed by the site's stuff, I would like my application to be re-evaluated. Or that I be given a chance to prove my right. Which I can probably do by making a video of me going to my Google Drive, showing the revision history of my application, so that you can compare it's last time of being edited to a time when my application was submitted to the site, and all of that would probably prove that I indeed stated NLR cool down timer detail.

What could you have done better?:

As NLR cool down timer detail was the only given reason for my application to be rejected, my guess is that my application is in a state that can get me approved for whitelisting.

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After reviewing your application it seems a mistake was made. Your application is now accepted.

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