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Just a quick question about New Life Rule


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For the second time I submitted my whitelist application and I had the same thing wrong both times, although more the first time that I have fixed and those ideas were okay, for some reason I did not have info about the rules and the reason was NLR was missing full cool down timer details but I don't understand this because I explained that specifically with the 90 minute time limit how you cannot return to that area which means you cannot go within a 1km radius of your body until after these 90 minutes are up, is there anything else I might be missing in the timer details?

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You should carefully review what is on the rules page and try to make sure that you have everything included (in your own words of course). A couple of sentences won't cut it and even leaving something minor out will get your application rejected.

It could literally be something as minor as missing one key word, but they have to be harsh to ensure you fully understand the rule.

Be thorough, you can never write in too much detail. Hope this helps answer your question.

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I'm afraid that I'm going to get rejected one last time and won't be able to join at all, I just rewrote the two rules explanations and they both are at their MSc amount of words

You should consider posting exactly what you have put as your NLR explanation. It would give other members a better idea of what you have/n't included.

It's a much better idea to have your application peer-reviewed on the forums than to have it rejected three times for what might be a simple addition.

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