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James Blair (character name)

Guest Blairdom

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Guest Blairdom


I've just registered on the website and wanted to greet everyone and, hopefully, see some of you in-game.

My actual name is George (I know, rather basic), but my character's name in-game is Blair. I stuck with this nick-name because I enjoyed The Blair Witch Project when I first saw it a good couple of years now and everything that followed had "blair" in it :)

I'm almost 30 years old (in March) and I've always been a fan of RP (most RP I did was during my WoW days). When I first bought DayZ, back when it was really cheap, like really-really early access, I was so eager to get into the game and live my own apocalyptic experience, but, sadly, things didn't turn out that well.

I'm eager to RP in DayZ because I'm a huge fan of all things zombie-related. For Xmas I even got the Zombie Survival Guide, written by the author of World War Z. Hopefully, I will be able to implement some of the things I read into my RP, if I do get on the server.

Well, that was my wall of text for you :)

See you when I see you!

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  • Emerald

Greetings Blairdom. Welcome to the community :)

And good luck on your whitelist application.

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  • Sapphire

Welcome :)

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