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Most common forms of metagaming to watch out for ?


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Well apparently asking if someone if a cannibal from hearing them laugh or crying is metagaming, so thats one. Another would be running up to someone, getting their name from their pulse and then using their name in conversation before they tell you their name.

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/moving to questions

Some may be using forum knowledge in-game, telling peoples location when you have had your radio removed, saying where about your killer was when he shot you and maybe more. But those are more as well. Just always think that it is you in an actual apocalypses and follow the situations how they go.

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Don't meta-game the laughing and crying mechanics as a form to identify a cannibal.

Don't tell people where you died and who did it for them to go avenge you, dead men can't talk ;)

Don't call people by their names who have not actually told you their names but you pulse checked instead.

These are just some common things I see alot of.

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