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91.3(EU) Anyone at Green Mountain

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*The radio buzzes to life, a man with an Australian accent coughs and clears his throat*

"Hello, This is Vincent Havick, I'm broadcasting from the northern Radio tower, is anyone at Green Mountain? I'm heading that way and wondering if anyone is there? Please respond. Thank you"

*The usual sound of a radio cutting off, then static*

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*static noise fading out*

I can copy you but there is not a chance that I will get close to this bloody area, I have heard enough of this place to know that all you can find there are death and robberies. I hope you will be able to prove me wrong. I will still follow this wave to see if there is someone close by me or any 'normal' area

*static noise fading in*

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*radio crackles to life*

First time at Green? Howdy Vincent, the name's Notebook. Green can be a great place to meet people, trade, and forget about the end of the world for awhile. Sadly, it's also the target of a majority of the regions dirtbags. It's a dice toss is what it is.

*Brief silence, a fire popping in the background*

I happen to have an unusual amount of luck that surrounds me, so I've normally steered clear of the trouble that happens at Green. Just make sure to sneak behind the compound and give a listen for the voices inside. Waltzin' right up to the front gate could potentially get you robbed- *ragged cough* -or worse. Take it safe, and pretend the ground is dynamite on your approach up. You'll be fine if you keep your wits about you.

*A can can be heard popping open, followed by low mumbling*

I frequent the area, so maybe I'll run into you. Rub some luck off, who knows. Stay safe out there Vincent. Keep your friends close, and your peaches closer; the Wasteland doesn't take any prisoners.

*The radio abruptly cuts into heavy static, signal lost*

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*The radio cracks to life, followed by a man sounding like he had just woke up*

Hello Notebook, it's Vincent, thanks for replying pal, I've arrived at Green Mountain a few hours ago, and am just staying somewhere close by, If I spot you around, I will be sure to give you a friendly greeting in person

* A sound of a bird chirps and then is followed by the Australian man coughing *

Well, I'll see you around Notebook, or anyone else who is there. goobye

* The sound of the button being released off the walkie talkie can be heard, then static *

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  • Emerald

Sergeant Balkanic hears a transimission comming through from the back of his tent. He walks towards the radio and listens in. He decides to join in the conversation.

Fellow survivors, this is Serzhánt Balkanic from the Chernarussian Defense Forces speaking.

It's great to hear you are all in good condition. However, I would suggest moving out of the area of Green Mountain. Strange things happen there. There is a group of survivors constantly roaming around there. Saying they are trying to fix the antenna over there. But be cautious. Many fellow countrymen fell to this trap. They we're taken away to scavenging trips, to find materials to fix the antenna, never to be seen again.

Be aware!

Serzhánt Balkanic goes silent for a few seconds, only to be heard briefly afterwards.

Fellow survivors, the Chernarussian Defence Forces are still around. We care to help.

Leave this dangerous area immediately. Hike up north.

Serzhánt Balkanic, out.

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Guest DeadPlaya

*Pavle picks up his radio and holds down the button , speaking into it in a calm voice*

Ah Vincent! Found you again ! We met in Balota some days ago and we were headed north when I had to go to sleep. Good luck out there and consider Green Mountain a curse and a blessing.

Stay safe.

*brings down his radio and tunes back into his other frequency speaking with the rest of his group*

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*The radio bursts frantically into life. The user is audibly exhausted, breathing heavily.*

This is Sasha Petrokov issuing an emergency warning message to all near Green Mountain. Stand clear. Do not attempt to seek refuge. Do not trust anyone in the area.

Last night I left a group of 8 to hunt for food. Upon my return the camp was deserted, aside from two foreign survivors and our doctor, who they claimed was going insane. I overheard whispers of cannibalism, but two others arrived in a truck of sorts and the foreign survivors began to execute us all! I slipped out unnoticed, but while driving the truck sustained heavy bullet wounds to my right leg.

Please, if you are near Sosnovka, look for the smashed truck. I cannot walk, and I can see them walking towards the village. Listen to Balkanic. They have heavy weaponry. It is not safe.

*Muffled sounds as Sasha pulls the radio away.*

How could people be this fucking barbaric. The end of the world, and people would rather eat the hunter instead of the beef in his backpack. Hey! Assholes!

*Radio Silence*

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