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How Was Your Day(z)?

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I haven't been able to find anything like this, so I figured I would start one. The idea behind this is to give a short summary of what you did today in game. For example:

Today I ventured from the safe haven of Zub castle to Green Mountain. I was there for just over an hour. As I was first arriving there was a man cutting up and preparing to eat a dead corpse. I kept my cool through all of this and it payed off! Shortly after this I witnessed a woman, despite efforts from everyone in the group, commit suicide. Later on as me and several others were helping a merchant look for his lost gun attachments, a man was KOS'ed right in front of everyone. Less than a minute later OREL walked right into the camp and began to "protect" it. Never figured out if them coming at that time was a coincidence or not, but they didn't do any wrong for the forty five minutes they were there. Less then five minutes after they left a person guarding the gates get KOS'ed by a mosin, and strangely enough a guy with a mosin ventures out of the military prison. He claimed hat he didn't do it, and without any real evidence nobody could do anything about it. As tensions were starting to rise I decided the only thing I could do to save myself was to get out of there. Now I'm resting up in a building far away from any action, and debating if I should head to the coast, and see if I help anybody there (I'm a doctor).

I know my day wasn't too exciting, but hopefully yours was. Feel free to share it see who has the best/most interesting stories.

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