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ILL Mind of Ivan

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It was cloudy, dark, cold and the sun was going down fast. I lit a fire down by a small lake in the middle of nowhere. I unlaced the rope from my backpack and grabbed some pieces of cow meat to use as food that I skinned earlier in some strange small town up North. It was quite normal for me to hunt animals since I started at a very young age. The food was cooked, I stared into the fire as I was consuming it like nothing, this was the first "proper" meal I have had since the scientists screwed up, since everything turned into shit.

I began to keep travelling. My aim was to head south-west but not to the coast, that place was a mess, a disaster so to speak. I found a little dirt road with some fresh tracks on it from the rainfall a few hours ago possibly and began to follow hoping that I just might end up seeing a comfortable place to hold up in for the night. As I'm walking down the trail I noticed the sunset, it was beautiful like nothing ever before even with the clouds out. I've never seen anything like it. While I was staring at the amazing sight I hear a voice behind me, a young man, he spoke confidently saying "Hi there buddy, are you lost?" I quickly turned around and clenched my reliable hunting rifle and weapon of choice, the SKS. The man responded shouting "I didn't mean to scare you my friend." I spoke to him for quite a while, we laughed at some jokes but then remembered that most of the things we were saying were no joke. I asked him what his name was and he said "Notebook." I replied by questioning him why he goes by that name and he said "You'll see notes around from time to time, and I write them." I smiled to look appealingly good but inside I was questionable. After talking and going on I told Notebook that I must be getting on my way since I was running low on food. Notebook's response to that in a calm voice was "Yeah me and the boys spotted yah from the castle, I'm headin' west but if you need anything, shelter food or some company go there", he then pointed me in the right direction and went on his way. "Okay well, nice meeting you and I will check it out" I yelled.

The sun, it was gone, the moon shined bright and it was hard to see a thing in the distance. After about ten minutes of wandering, I stopped for a minute to have a drink then I heard some voices and a bunch of laughter, it seemed very distant though. I turned to where the noise was coming from and looked into the distance, I could see a silhouette of a building figure and a bunch of light specs, which resembled to be flames after a second look. I tied up my backpack with a relieved face and jogged to the gathering of people.

As I approached the castle I was greeted by 3 people, men, they had mountain backpacks, rifles which looked to be Automatic and military clothing. They said hi, asked me a few questions, but my only response was that I'm just tryin' to survive. They said fair enough and showed me around the place. It was nice to see other survivors having a nice time and not struggling, they grew their own crops, food and cattle. They seemed to be pretty settled and not worried about what the future has to offer, only the present. I sat next to the fire and began to make a conversation with the group, in particular a man named Kilo. I remember him by his big puffy jacket and large brown eyes. We went on for hours talking about life, what's next and how we can get out of this shithole of a place. That wasn't even exaggeration to be honest. Hours went by, then days and I began to be pretty close with these survivors. After that I left to go hunt some animals in search of some steak for the group, I returned after a long day of hunting. Got back and no one was around, just some old rotten peppers and a pair of shoes. Weeks went by after that and I haven't seen them since.

They were good people and I only HOPE to see them again. Back to living alone in the harsh environment of Chernarus.

-Stay strong out there Survivors

Ivan Milat

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