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Hello everyone, I'm new here.

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First of all, I'd like to say hello to those of you who may be left in Chernarus. The epidemic is much worse than any of us could have ever thought. We have all lost people, we have all bled, and we are all worn out. I'm here to introduce myself so that we may begin rebuilding one day.

My name is Cameron McCandless. Here is my back-story:

"Cameron McCandless, or Cam for short, was born in America in 1985. Growing up impoverished in North Carolina, McCandless took to primitive survival early on in his young adult life. He gained most of his knowledge of survival by way of trial and error navigating along the Appalachian Trail of the eastern United States. The roots of his family are often dark. His father was a moonshiner and small time gangster in Asheville, North Carolina. While this background had it's uses in familiarizing McCandless with various weaponry and survival, Cameron ultimately decided not to follow in the footsteps of the previous generations of his family.

Seeking a new start apart from the stigma and reputation of his ancestors, McCandless relocated to Europe in 2006 at the age of 21 through mutual acquaintances to begin work on a farm in Prague, Czech Republic. He had trouble with communication, being an English speaker, as most of the country did not speak English. By the next year, McCandless had married an English speaking woman native of Chernarus, Russia, named Ania, who was also working on the farm as a server in one of the kitchens. By late 2008, the couple were madly in love and were seeking to start a family. They decided to relocate back to Ania's homeland to begin their new life. Deciding on a small town house in Svetlojarsk, the happy couple settled down and began building a future for one another. By early to mid 2009, Ania and Cameron were expecting a child. By use of the local health care facilities, they determined that they were to have a little boy.

In the early days of October, reports began coming in about a conflict in Southern Chernarus. Most people thought nothing of it, at first. McCandless, being the careful soon-to-be father that he is, began stockpiling food and water and fortifying their home. Within two weeks, the entirety of Chernarus had gone into a full blown epidemic.

One fateful day, McCandless had been on a run to gather more supplies as they began to run low. No amount of preparation could have equipped anyone enough to survive this for long. Upon return to his home, McCandless found the formerly fortified door ajar. In the hallway, blood. In the living room, blood. Everywhere, blood. Ania was nowhere to be found. Cameron grabbed his trusty Repeater Winchester rifle and went to investigate, full of rage and emotion. He feared the worst, and he was correct to feel this way.

Following the trail of blood closely, through the open field and into a light wooded area, he began to see more blood in puddles. What he saw next has made him into what he is today.

Sitting on the ground surrounded by pools of blood was what was left of Ania. She was wearing a white sun dress, now completely crimson in blood. A good portion of flesh had been removed from her body. She sit lifeless, back to a tree, cold from the life leaving her body. The future of mother and son completely forgotten in the shade from the afternoon sun.

All that was left was a half torn body, a pool of blood, and McCandless, too weak for words, yelling nonsense into the ambient world. He contemplated suicide, but was also too weak to make that decision.

From here, broken and emotionless, McCandless set out to the north and taking nothing with him. It would be nothing but the wilderness for Cameron, the same wilderness that he has known so well in America. He isn't sure who he is surviving for anymore, but he knows that he needs to."

OOC: I'm happy to be here and I'm looking forward to being whitelisted and jumping into Chernarus with you all. This community is exactly what I need to enjoy this game again.

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