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... Hey guys! Grateful for this opportunity

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop by and show myself! My names George and I've recently applied to be white listed on the DayZRP servers! Already I'm struck by the strong community presence and am already feeling rather settled in! Thank you so much for the opportunity to become an in-game accepted member of this community and am keen for the outcome whatever it may be. Whatever decision ends up being made of my behalf I thank you all for the opportunity!

-Cheers, George!

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No problem. I too did not long join and I have already shared great memories. Some simple encounters at Green Mountain or Vybor have come to close competition to me extremely rare memories on regular DayZ. it you're enjoying it now. It get's a whole lot better than this, so Welcome to the community George. Have great time on the servers.

See you in Chernarus


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Hello George! Pleased to meet you c: I'm still pretty new at this whole DayZRP thing, but even in just my short time here, I've already met some really incredible people and had some really fun times. You're in for a treat! These servers are so much different than the normal ones that are out there. It's so nice being able to walk around without the fear of KOS!

Good luck on your application! Hopefully all goes well! In the meantime, enjoy the community!

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