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What restrictions are there for a group in group idea?


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Hi, i was just wondering, what restrictions (If any) do groups that aren't yet official have on them IC and perhaps OOC? Can they still rob and Roleplay in their groups name? Make IC radios on the thread of their group? Say they are part of said group? Just wondering what are the differences between The Mod rules and The SA ones for groups in the idea section? :D

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Here are the rules for making groups: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-group-requirements-updated-08-01-2015

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Not making a group, but thanks for the link Rifleman :D. I am talking about restrictions. Like in the mod, if your group was in the ideas section, you couldn't wear that groups tags until it was accepted. Is there such restrictions for groups in SA? Or is there none established as of yet?

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  • Emerald

There are no XML's in Standalone. And, since dynamic groups have been implemented, many of the group restrictions have been loosened.

You may only share KoS rights when you meet both of the following conditions:

You are within 500 meters of the hostile situation at that time

You were recently apart of the involved parties group.

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