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Imaginary Friends?


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  • Emerald

Would creating an imaginary friend for my character be considered "trollish RP"? I want to show how the things that have happened to my character and his lonelyness has caused him to go insane and create an imaginary friend that he believes is actually real.

Examples: When I introduce myself to someone, I also introduce my imaginary friend, for example, William. When they say they don't see him, I tell them they must be insane or joking, or whatever fits into the RP at the time.

If someone asks what his last name is, I turn to where my imaginary friend is and ask, and a couple seconds later I turn back and say "He isn't sure" or "He doesn't have one" further implying that I'm insane and am talking to an imaginary person who I haven't fully developed. After I will continue to believe that William is real throughout the entire RP situation.

The more people I interact with though, the more and more my character will realize that William isn't real and will fall into a mental breakdown. Now, I don't see how this would be trollish rp, especially since it is proven that humans are very social beings and if humans are insane and lonely enough they will create imaginary friends and think of regular objects as living creatures. So, would you consider this trollish rp or is it perfectly acceptable as long as it is done right?

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  • Emerald

I never was on the server, but as long as your doing it in a serious way - why should it be considered as trolling?

Just do it good.

Will try my hardest, and hope you have fun when you go get onto the server!

I think as long as you don't run around yelling 'Penis' using being crazy as an excuse, you should be fine.

Ain't planning on it :P

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  • MVP

Think of it as a form of talking to yourself. As long as it isn't used for trolling and you do it in a serious RP way it should be fine.

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During my time in "The Watchers" and my brief time in the beginnings of "The Fallen" (before RL made me take a break). My character had an imaginary friend. So, yes imaginary friends are ok... That being said, as long as they are not done in a childish or immature manner. Your imaginary friend is an extension of yourself and main character. There for it is subject to the same rules. Don't act like a troll... Won't get treated like a troll. So that being said, can not wait to meet you and your "friend". :)

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This makes me think of Lillyhammer. Have you watched it? Best imagination ever. Like, really well-done, as the imaginary friend/enemy in some of the episodes actually makes him do stuff and react in certain ways.

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  • Sapphire

This would be fine as long as you did so maturely. I actually considered something similar with my character having a mental breakdown and constantly hallucinating that her dead sister was traveling across Chernarus with her, but I scrapped the idea during the fleshing-out process.

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  • Titanium

Its allowed yes if you can roleplay it out and not running around and talking nonsense or trolling. Good luck.


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