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moving from "old-gen" to "next-gen"

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As I mentioned in another post of yours: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-makin-my-return-to-the-world-of-rp

Make sure you go to the whitelist page to make sure you are whitelisted.

If you were whitelisted on the mod, then all you need to do is provide your GUID for SA in there and you'll be able to play :) Other than that you'll need to provide a new Whitelist App.

- EDIT -

1. Go to any server on DayZ Standalone.

2. Once in the game, type: #beclient guid

3. I suggest to press F12 once you see the GUID to take a screenshot.

4. Close the game and look at the screenshot.

5. Write down your GUID in a notepad.

6. Provide it on the Whitelist page and you're done.

To play on the servers you can either search the IP found here or you can use the filter option and type in DayzRP.com and wait a minute for it to show up.

Good luck :)

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