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130.28 MHz OREL Radio Communications

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*You hear a ongoing repeat of a important transmission going through OREL radio frequency*

Populace of Chernarus, OREL control of the entire region is still in effect. Do not go around doing what you please, the laws of Chernarus are still active at the time of this transmission. Any breaking of laws will end up in consequences which are more harsh than time before. You have been warned, and are being watched.

*This broadcast repeats, and an operator is on the other side waiting for a response to the radio*

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Benji would sit with his radio by the fire, holding it by his ear, as he would listen to transmitssions, actually more like trying to find any transmissions as he briefly would pass by 130.28.

Benji would hold the radio tightly towards his ear, as he would hold his breath, listening to the transmission. Benji would quickly reach for the book by his side, as he would start clicking the button making the radio scratch, hoping the reciever would understand morse-code.

".-- .... .- - .. ... - .... . ... . .-.. .- .-- ... -.-- --- ..- ... .--. . .- -.- --- ..-. "

Sweat would peel over Benjis head as he would once again hold the radio to his ear, awaiting any kind of reaction.

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*Jiri hears his radio crackle into life, listening to the transmission several times it is obvious to him that the message is being broadcast on a loop. Cautiously he picks up his radio headset and speaks into it.*

This is Corporal Novak, Chernarussian Defence Forces is anyone receiving this over?

I read your message five by five, it's good to hear that our colleagues from law enforcement are still out here. Be advised there are still small pockets of CDF forces in the province but as you can imagine the situation out here has deteriorated rapidly. I shall make note this frequency for future reference and pass it on to my superiors.


*Jiri tosses the headset back into his rucksack before returning his thoughts onto other matters..*

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*Garrison picks up his radio after hearing the transmission, and responds*

Visitors and citizens of Chernarus, the 101st CDF regiment is currently getting to know OREL. We have given them some OREL gear that was scattered during the outbreak as a token of our good faith. We are still getting to know them, ensuring not only that we are on the same terms as far as operational behavior, but also that they are who they say they are. Trust is vital, especially in these times of death and chaos. We will to continue to work and communicate with them.

More to come.

*Garrison begins to worry as he turns off his radio, and a private runs into the room bringing bad news*

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*Your radio comes to life as you hear a faint staticy voiced man speak over the radio*

This is Arty*static* and the poli*static* are back for good, and we are going to be enforc*static* the *bzzt* once again. You will find us in *bzzzt* We are watching....

*The transmission ends with a small laugh whilst you hear a buzzing sound come through the radio*

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