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When you see the compass arrow moving then it works, if you don't then it's glitched and you need to relog to make it work. Had this happen to me here and there. You can easily tell when it's not working cause it doesn't move hehe. Other than that it's fully trustable and never fails me, when it moves correctly.

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  • MVP

I'm officially blaming this for why I'm always lost in game. It has absolutely nothing to do with my bad navigation skills... nope!

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  • Sapphire

I don't use the compasses. I know my way around the map enough. But if I was role playing then I would have it handy just so it appears I don't know where we going, then I'd bring it out to find my direction. I had some problems with them once or twice. I know which direction is north and the damn thing, which is pristine, is pointing east. I don't bother with them much.

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I have gone so far as to ignore them, Im glad to hear that they do occasionally work. When I used them in other servers I never had problems, but my first day here I was warned by people that 'the compasses are acting all screwy' in-game, and ooc'd to be told they weren't working.

New Plan is to have one, Im tired of navigating by the direction of the clouds.

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  • Emerald

Just drop the compass on the floor and pick it back up again. I think it's a bug in the SA code.

Once again, Alpha.

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  • Emerald

I dont like to look at it like a glitch. The pristine compass works 100% of the time for me, worn is correct 75% of the time, and anything under that just dont work. However you can still read your compass in your inventory without ever moving it into your hands, just rotate a few times and see if its changing position.

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Title pretty much says it all. Don't trust Compasses.

If that is in the game that would explain this picture. One compass is pointing to the true north while the other is catching the magnetic field of the true one and is reacting to it. Thats why the south hand is sorta pointing tword the north hand on the true compass.

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  • Diamond

Compass's are hit or miss if they work, when they do not work, I just relog and they work after that.

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The first private hive I started playing on was 24 hour daytime and the sun was always in the "south" position off the coast of Cherno/Elektro so I just used that as my compass. But when I would tell people that's how I got around the map they would laugh at me...excuse me for utilising the tools at my disposal :P

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