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Clothing Suggestions / Clan Perks

Guest John Vilikov

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Guest John Vilikov

Ok. So I will be breaking this down into two basic suggestions, keep in mind I am typing this on my iPad so if some of this is misspelled or otherwise just messed up, tell me and i will fix it...

Clothing Suggestion

So here is my suggestion on Clothing. I would like to see more Uniforms and Camouflage for different types of Military and also Civilian Clothing. Right now we have "Us Soldier". Well being the guy I am, and if you know anything about the Military, that skin is US MARINE MARPAT, Marines are not Soldiers. So would it hurt to add in ACUs and label them "US Soldier" and then rename this one "US Marine". Along with that, we could probably due with some better skins for the RP aspect. Maybe some Us Officer Skins, because to be honest, the only

Clan Perks

Now I know this seems like a dumb name for this suggestion, but here me out. Since we have the Ability for Individuals to donate for skins.. I think it would be cool that if a Clan leader to buy around 10 or so skins that he can give to members that join. for a slightly reduced price and the ability to add more over time. This would be a good idea in my opinion because I believe it would encourage Clans to pick a skin to use, making it more fun and easier to distinguish between different Clans. With the skin suggestion, also comes the idea for Vehicles. Now I know you are thinking "PAY TO WIN, NU GUD". NO this is not pay to win. I am talking about the Ability for CLAN LEADERS AND OFFICERS, not every person, otherwise that would not be a CLAN perk, now would it? Anyway, it would give clan leaders and officers to purchase generic type vehicles such as Urals and UAZs, maybe even Humvees, but the types of vehicles would be up to the Admins obviously. I have some more suggestions for this, and may put them up if this one is liked at all.

Well guys, those are two of my suggestions to add onto the Awesomeness that is DayZRP. If you want more specifics on something, just ask. Please no flaming and keep it to the discussion of these Suggestions. Thanks guys.

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It will be implemented asap for clans with +10 members to get a clan skin of their own. So it's already being done, haha.

As for vehicles, it's good in theory, but vehicles can be robbed, so it'll never be implemented.

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  • MVP

Unless I'm going blind, I can't seem to find any female skins in the donation shop. I'm not sure if there is a reason for that, but I'd certainly like to see some more variation in that regard.

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There are only 2, they're under F for female.

I do believe only people registered as, or to Rolle's awareness is, a female, can see such in the shop.

The rest of us can't.

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