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Crafty's Third Appeal: That was not a VALID enough reason.

Guest Crafty_

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Guest Crafty_

That IS NOT A VALID reason to ban me. Do not deny a player a fair appeal, my side was NEVER considered.

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

The verdict was not fair for an amount of reasons which I will point out, I will also show you why it isn't fair for me, due to another report being posted about a hacker.


Right, I will start off here. I told the truth all the way through that and I had no intent of lying about anything. After the first appeal was denied, I had a lot of responses backing me up. But no-one can do anything about it because admins are really one sided. You never took my side at all. I'll point out this. A lot of staff have been one-sided and it isn't fair on the people who are getting banned/appealing. You see:

'Your kindness and or likeability also has no relevance to the appeal.'

It does have relevance Thumper. Would you have preferred me to lie about and be untruthful? You see, a permanent ban for saying something as this is quite bad, I actually wanted to try and prove something. I wanted to show you that yourselves are quiet unfair when coming to these applications. All the years I have been roleplaying this has happened before. But never one have I been permanent banned and refused back into the community because I have the capacity to hack. In all fairness, it is quite idiotic. You see people everyday who intend to break the rules and when someone comes along and tries to help, although it isn't the best method. You ban/refused to talk to them. This isn't fair, a lot of people would already agree with me and some probably wouldn't.

I am going to point out this: EVERYONE has the current capacity to hack:


That link proves why EVERYONE has the capacity to. ANYONE can go buy some hacks for a small/large fee and easily use them on the server. I stated mine are undetectable, yes server wise. BEC is very good and a lot better than VAC. I would have been banned by now if I were hacking. You don't understand how easily someone can get hacks and hack, you'd have to ban everyone. But most people keep it to themselves. I can guarantee most of you wouldn't think about hacking/cheating but at least 1 person in the community I would think uses/thinks about using them. ANYONE in the community can just enter the server and hack, but admitting to have the current capacity to is actually telling the truth is a morale thing, I did it because I wanted to help. But then when I was told not to and I apologized, I didn't think it would cause this much flame. Admins, staff, understand ANYONE can hack, anyone has the ability to. ANYONE. And your banning me for saying I could?


This guy here. He was banned for hacking and admitted to doing it. He actually did it, I didn't. The fact he told the truth was right, but I want to comment on WarMachine's reply:

'People who have the ability to hack on another server as well with having the ability here is not accepted.'

If you read my paragraph above you'll understand why anyone could do it and your just going to have to ban all the community if you ban one person for it... see what I mean? Your evidence is valid, but it doesn't state I am using it to cause harm. If I wanted to hack and destroy the server I could have, and would have been BEC banned 3 days after due to ALL cheats being detected client wise because BEC has a stronger anti-cheat system then VAC, and so on. That kid/guy would have been banned maybe less than a week after he began to use his cheats. You do not understand how big this is, my reference to 'anyone has the capacity to hack' is valid. Anyone can do it, in a way, look at all the reports lately...


They have all been people who have broken rules and actually care about coming back to the community and trying to get another shot. But they always get their dream's crushed because either:

A: They have broken rules intentionally/do not understand them.

B: Made a tiny mistake and are trying to put it right.

C: And other reasons that make them valid..

You see, In this appeal I want all the staff team to look at this in depth and tell me who is wrong and who is right, BUT. This isn't the case.. THIS is what annoyed me most of all:

'The actual act of using them in game is irrelevant, as you have stated you would use them to catch other hackers.'

The actual act of using them in game is irrelevant? No, it is relevant. Due to the fact it's the reason your banning me. Because I have the capacity to hack like about 90% of DayZ community does. Including people from here. This is just being ironic in my eyes, you stated Thumper it has nothing to do with the case but it does, you went back on yourself and I have had people working day and night yesterday in a attempt to talk to admins, but most people know they will not do anything about it. You gave me a unfair review and a unfair side, you never considered it in full depth. Let's be honest here, most admins never do. But, isn't there one staff member who is willing to listen to me and be right? Isn't there one admin who can reform this fully? I know there is, it just has to be the right person.

'If you have the knowledge you say, you would also know why BEC has never banned you from the servers.'

That quote there sums up the lack of knowledge on hacks or is lying about it. Thumper.. YOU CAN GET BANNED, either way like I explained BEC is a lot stronger than you think, they don't just ban you up instantly, they review it and dig deeper in order to find out more hackers and stuff, just because somebody has the ability to doesn't mean they are going to. You take on aboard that they are a threat to the community here and the DayZ community in general. I love this server, I really do and after being here a year I felt welcomed again and wanted by some people. Everyone around me who knew about the ban or most of them knew I was intending to hack to harm, I was intending to help. I'll share with you someone who I have recently met that's changed my life.

MistikRaven, I met her via the Inmates and we began to talk, about music about roleplay and about other things. IC'ly we had a thing of giving each other teddy bears and had some good roleplay going on. We are now friends and she is currently fighting for me to get unbanned, she is a very nice woman and has really changed my life massively and brought a lot of joy and happiness to me, I have been wanting to join the server and roleplay with her, and enjoy the immersion and become one with myself again, giving her the Brown Teddy Bear just makes me feel happy that I have someone to rely on and help me.

Another person/people that have changed my life on the server:

XE Merc group. They are now archived due to reasons we/they thought were unfair.

I have a few people who agree with me and others that the ban was unfair and unjustified. I'll tell you the story of a Saint.

Saint, the new leader of XE/XM or was anyway. I joined and made an application because I liked the group, it was new, fresh and amazing. That's when I came into contact with an Asian guy/Swedish guy as I first joined the teamspeak. We developed into talking and I met Ominous/Robert and made friends with both of them.

Then came along other memorable people, David Rogers, Irish, Skinner, Nickolai, Russia and a lot of other people who made me smile and friendly on a day to day basis. I began to roleplay with them and made friends more with Jenkins/Rogers we were at Vybor military base when these 2 people failed attempt to rob us and we ended up killing them/taking their gear which was pretty good to be honest, we made it out alive and had a tale to tell about it to the others to cause immersion and inspiration to kill the guys and get revenge.

Then we came across 3 other guys, who were part of the 'Renegades.' I was stopping by to just get some water when they decided to rob me with pistols, funny enough Valkerion's wasn't going to be much useful. So, I comply, buy time and eventually my friends come over and BLAM, kill them. Then Valkerion posts a video of him getting destroyed because the Makarov had bugged and was unable to defend himself, I personally laughed and cried over this and we just had a friendly chat about it.

I have had some good times so far, and I don't want it to be ended because my case wasn't review fully. It isn't fair on the people around me and the people who are supporting me. I am being plunged into something I never wanted to be in and a place where I am fighting for my place back in the community. I have never used it as a threat to anyone. By the fact my deceny as a person and human being my morale rights were to defend the things I love the most, it doesn't matter really.. If I would have used them for harm don't you think I would have been banned by now? If admins/staff would consider my POV more and understand that not everyone who is a hacker is bad. Have you seen Anonymous? They are a activist idea brought together by hackers and who are now big attempting to seek a place in a better world.

You don't realzise the true value of what DayZRP meant to me, I have been telling people about my ban, they even agree it is unfair and should be unbanned due to it. I would be willing to take warning points or something of the sort in order to recive a decent outcome instead of being banned for what most people have access to.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

None: Although, I would like people to comment and other staff explaining there POV's instead of one admin just denying it and being one sided.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Get unbanned and warned for the next six months or something of the sort.

And at least get considered instead of being denied instantly and thrown aside like a piece of trash.

What could you have done better?:

Explained my situation in detail and not said a word before, although this needed to be said.

And, if admins would have given me a chance to speak on Teamspeak instead of insta-banning me.

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That was a perfectly valid reason to deny your third appeal. It's the same reason why I am denying this appeal.

As stated in this thread, "an offense can be appealed only once."

You had your one appeal, found here.

It was denied.

This is too.

Appeal Denied.

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