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  • Sapphire

I just PCpartpickered this setup for 650USD 4g ram (which is the bare min for arma IMO)

If you can afford it, I'd definitely suggest having a minimum of 8gb ram. Not only will it help when playing some games that require more than 4gb, it will save you from having to upgrade further down the line.

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Make sure you won't regret not spending enough. Also the game will have the new engine within this year (I hope) and that will change what is good now vs later as far as PC parts are concerned.

I recommend a GTX 760 and a GPU with atleast 6 cores and 3.5Ghz. Many new games are using many more cores on GPU's so you are better to get a little better now and not regret it in two years.

Mainly build a PC that fits your needs. It would help if you gave a price range you were looking to spend and if you are in US or EU.

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Have a good platform for upgrade ability - high cap ram, solid overclockable CPU and mobo. the main component people need to replace is the GPU. something you can invest on later on.

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Go intel over AMD, if you're only playing DayZ / Arma. Trust me, been there, done that.

Same here as Frank, started playing with AMD in ARMA/DayZ, not fantastic FPS. Switched to Intel and immediately got better frames.

Also I would go Nvidia for the graphics card because Shadowplay to me is a fantastic tool for recording and doesn't impact FPS at all.

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Go intel over AMD, if you're only playing DayZ / Arma. Trust me, been there, done that.

As much as I love my FX 6300, this is very true. Bohemia builds their games on Intel based computers, and they seem to make their games work better for Intel, than AMD.

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