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About whitelist story

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Hello, I want to ask about my whitelist story, because I really enjoyed writing it and I wrote about 6000 characters ( and I am thinking that person that is going to check my whitelist will be mad for that :D ) instead of only 1000 and I want to ask can I after getting whitelisted post it in the story section or is it against the rules? I just put so much work in it and it would be sad for me if only one person will see it.

Thank you for your answers. :)

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Go ahead man. Make sure you post it in the Lore and Stories. That's where it'll make sense the most. There is no rule against posting your backstory.

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Dear Dan,

The person that will be handeling your application is also handeling between 30 - 150 applications a day! It is not only one person and i don't know if that person that is now reading your application has the time to respond but if that person would be reading a 6000 word application he would feel like:


Now for your question if you can post your story in the lore and story section! why not buddy! go for it!

Hope this helps out a bit! and goodluck with your application, i am sure you will get accepted.

// Solved.

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