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Banned for Side Chat Access

Guest Dragoru

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Guest Dragoru

I honestly don't have much to say, and I do miss playing on this server. I was playing last weekend, looting Elektro, and I was able to scroll into side chat because I needed help with getting rid of a crowbar that seemed to be glued to me. I was not aware that side chat was against the rules, nor did I even know that it was disabled. My ban was, in my opinion, unjustified because I did not have fair warning of the legality of such an action. Even so, I feel that saying two (brief) things in side chat didn't really hurt anybody.

Log says...

3:27:20 BattlEye Server: (Side) Captain Manhole: I can't drop my crowbar. xD

3:27:34 BattlEye Server: (Side) Captain Manhole: Nevermind, got it.

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Point is like Reniz said - how come you had acces to it (when you were not in a lobby)?

Being able to use side chat either comes from sort of cheats or server bug.

We check logs carefully, and every logs that looks suspicious may lead to a game ban, but forum account remains so he/she can respond and explain situation.

It is highly suggested to notify staff right away after being able to use side chat(in actuall game, not lobby) to avoid false positives. For ingame help it's better to use shoutbox/forums :)

After discussion it seems you got caught in false-postive. You should be unbanned now, I apologise for the trouble.

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