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Dutch UN pilot


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hi all,

i made this story for my second application. because of my dyslexia there are alot of mistakes in it, sorry for that. i hope you guys like it:

Blake Hawk is a 18 year old, dutch UN Pilot. His mother passed away with the birth of his little brother named Micha and his Dad became a drunk So Blake raised Micha. Micha is 15 years old and he wants to become a pilot to.

Blake followed the 4 year training of the Dutch Royal Airforce where he learned how to fly a plane, the basic Pistol training, first aid and he had extra class to learn german. Dave is Blakes oldest friend and they went together to Flight school. when they graduated they became UN pilots. not fighter pilots but transport pilots of food, patiences, medicine, etc.

a couple weeks after the outbreak in Chernarus Dave and Blake was stationed in one of the two safe zones in Chernarus; the northwest airfield and the north east airfield. Blake volunteerd for the transport of samples back to the labatory in Berlin, Germany. Blake was a junior pilot with not alot of experience but he showed much potential, he was brave and he did not panic that fast. because of his young age, he is a co-pilot on the transport and the 42 year old brittish pilot called James was in charge. in the plane where also 2 UN soldiers to protect the samples. Blake shaked Dave's hand and he had a weird feeling in his stomach.

The lift off was smooth and just when they where on the right height, James and Blake heared some noises in the Cargoroom. Blake was ordered to check it out. when he opend the door he saw the 2 UN soldiers and 1 Mask man on the ground with alot of blood. but there were 2 more mask men and they had a bloody butchers knife and a bloody machete in their hands. Blake slowly closed the door because he hoped they did't saw him. he explained the situatiob to James. James said:" kid, now is your time to prove yourself, take the controls and keep calm. i'll deal with this". so Blake took nervously control of the plane while James slowly opend the door. he heared James cursing and alot of yelling. he also heared some kind of animal growl. Blake tried to contact both safe zones but he didn't got a responds. He looked back to the Cargoroom and he saw that the dead UN soldiers and the masked man where attacking James and the other Masked men in the plane. they bit and scratched. Blake knew he would be next. he left the controls and ran towards James. James was being eaten by a undead and wasn't moving. he looked around and he only saw to optoins: 1, he fought back and probaly die and turn in one of those things or he could take a parachute and try to reach the coast. he ran towards the parchute, putted it on his back ad he opend the door. that made so much noise that the undead noticed Blake and they ran towards him, Blake looked down and he saw the coast. it was know or never. he jumped. he was slowly going towards the coast and the plane crashed into the Green Sea. Blake landed on the coast, he did't know where he was. he only knew one thing... he is not safe.

Blake will try to find some supplies and head to the safe zones to meet up with Dave. if the zones aren't overrun....

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ye good story...

Sometimes i feel you coulda ehm put more details in it..i mean a little bit more effort and it turns into a master work :o

thank you for the advice. when i think of something i need to write it down as fast as posible and i get caught up in the story. :)

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