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Advanced Warfare


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I actually enjoyed the new Call of Duty (Don't permaban me for this, lol)

I mean, it's not a masterpiece and it's not worth a full retail price, but it is still a decent game overall and it's absolutely worth 20/25 euros/dollars (which is approximately its key price on PC right now).

I loved the singleplayer campaign. Sure, it has some boring parts (that Bio Lab segment almost made me fall asleep) but it also contains great moments, like the Manhunt mission which is one my favourite missions of all time, besides Second Sun from MW2 (The best ever, IMHO). Also Crash, Captured and Terminus were great segments overall.

The multiplayer is far, far better than Ghosts. It's not a revolution in gaming, but at least the tried to add something new, and Exo movements are fun after you get used to them. There's zero tactics or cooperation between players, but sometimes I simply enjoy turning off my brain and just shooting everything that moves.

What do you think? Did you try it?

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Guest Vittoria

I haven't enjoyed a CoD game since MW2, and still play CoD4 today... but i can't bring myself to go out and buy Advanced Warfare just to even try it. Though I have owned every game since 4, so ill probably pick it up someday.

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  • Sapphire

It's one of my favourite COD's that I've played since MW2 . Great campaign, nothing to do with Russians for once and the multiplayer is great if you just want to shoot stuff. I recommend it to all. It's not the best game but definitely a step up in the franchise.

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It has a good SP, never bothered with MP because of the community.

Still, its the same rehashed game over and over, just this time shinier and with more toys. The very last I truly enjoyed was the World at War title, I loved the MP even more.

I know you cant reinvent the wheel but COD needs to seriously do something about their games. To me its no longer interesting because I know exactly how the next campaign will play out.

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  • Legend

I actually enjoy the SP but I just cannot play multiplayer. Too much run and gun and no teamwork. For multiplayer I stick to battlefield and CSGO.

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  • Emerald

IM IN LOVE WITH THE JUMPZZZZZZ. I thought they were a cheap gimmick at first but they soon grew on me.

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