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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-21 04:36

Emergency Shutdown 1:30 UTC +1

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1:30 UTC +1

The server has been experiencing technical issues which is causing a lot of bugs for the server and for the players.

At 1:51 UTC +1 the server was shut down until Rolle is available to restart and fix the issues.

The server staff are very sorry for any issues this may have brought up with your gaming plans, and we'll try get the server up as soon as we can.

Meekia and the Server Staff.

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  • MVP

Someone on on SB said a livestream of dayz 1.7.6 had the same issues we had today and suggested it might be a bug there rather than with dayzRP

Yeah apparently its happened on other servers. Seems it may be a problem with the most recent ArmA beta patch.

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  • Server Manager

The server is up, but due to a bug you can't connect to it normally. You have to use multiplayer browser "Remote" button to enter the IP and port and connect that way.

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