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2 Servers, Same Character?


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Apologies, I have had a look around and forgive me in advance if I have missed something.

I see there are 2 servers EU & US and its mentioned they are linked, so does this mean the following:

a) Your Character works on both servers as such, so rather than having 1 Character to play in EU and another in US, that basically the same character 'lives' in both virtual spaces?

b) IF I am wrong on the above, does that mean having 2 Characters as such (again 1 EU and 1US) that we play the same role on both, albeit potentially having different paths based on gear, spawns and map etc?

c) More of a general question, are EU players welcome on the US server? I mean I ping roughly 100-150 on East/Central servers and find them playable from being based in the UK. West Coast might creep upto 170 or so, but again ive found that playable. However as server admins, you might not want EU/UK players on the US server and vice versa of course, so just wanted to know if that restriction was in place?

Apologies again if I did miss something, I just want to be clear and get everything 100% here before (hopefully) I get whitelist access.


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Guest Vittoria


C. You can play on the server you wish to play on, no matter where you, or the server is located... only thing is you might get kicked for high ping every now and then.

A/B. -Valkerion answered it better-

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/moving to questions

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  • Sapphire

- You're character exists across both servers as both servers use the same character hive there is no difference between either of the server other than the lcoation of them and they should be treated as one in a sense.

- You tend to play the same character across both as like mentioned above the servers are exactly the same par the location of the actual server.

- Anybody can go on either server as long as they are whitelisted for DayZRP there are no restrictions.

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Thanks all, appreciate the prompt response , sounds ideal and just as I expected, but believed best to get confirmation.

Apologies to Owen, I knew id make a mistake somewhere and put it in the wrong section :(

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