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Frederic von Hindenburg

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//It took me quite some time to write the application form. I hope I get accepted. For all of you, so you know who's coming, here is my story:

My name is Frederic von Hindenburg and I am a survivor.

Before all of this happened I used to be a noblemen. One of the last remaining in Germany. Now, it is gone. Germany is gone. Europe is gone. The world as we know it...gone. I stopped counting days. I stopped counting the infected I killed. I stopped counting the people I killed. The only thing reminding me of better times is my name.

When shit hit the fan I fortified my villa and tried to feed my daughter. It was all fine for a time, until they came. A mob of czech drunks on their way from Paris to Prague. They took our food, raped my daughter and made me watch them kill her. It took me months to recover. I decided that life was not worth living anymore, so I was ready to finish it. That was the time Hans found me.

Once in the army, now a survivor. He told me about the military. About how everything fell apart. He taught me how to handle guns. How to hunt for food. How to cut a mens throat. We spent a year together. Roaming the land, scavenging, looking for others.

When we got to Passau, I knew it was time to part. He left for the north, I went eastwards, following the Donau river. I found a boat near Linz, which took me all the way up to the Czech Republic. And now I am here. Trying to find my daughters murderers.

My name is Frederic von Hindenburg and I am a survivor.

// I hope I will have a blast on here. Cheers!

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Guest DeadPlaya

The story looks okay but there's problems with it.

1.The infection started in Fall, and it's only been reported to have extended in late December.

2.Chernarus is pretty far from the Czech: 7d64f0f1d1.jpg

Other than that your story-telling is fine and I like your attitude.All you have to do now is read the lore and you should be good!:D

Have fun !

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I read the lore after sending off my application ;)

Also I got kinda confused. With BI developing the game in the czech republic I assumed Chernarus was a part of it.

I got declined from being whitelisted because I said I needed to stay far away from my dead body under the "explain the NLR"-section instead of writing down it has to be 1km or more.

I'll reapply in 6 hours and rewrite my story until then.

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  • Emerald

Good luck with your application.

Welcome to the dayzrp community.

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