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The Cannibal

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This is what I wrote for my character background! My writing sucks though so just be warned!

My character was born and raised in Elektrozavodsk. He frequently visits the area to scavenge for supplies and possible signs of his family. He has spent the last few years setting up camp outside the edge of town, near the hills facing the fire station. His preferred weapon of choice is the Mosin, equipped with a long range scope, and a trusty compensator. He is extremely wary of strangers; every encounter has ended in blood shed. In situations where raw strength is needed, he is unmatched. Although he is wary of strangers, his loneliness gnaws at him like a disease. He is desperate to make a human connection and to reunite with his family. Despite his daily ritual of scouting the town of Elektrozavodsk, he will most likely never find his family.

During one of his routine sweeps across his hometown, he unknowingly stumbles upon a container of meat. Despite its mysterious origins, he decides to roast it and store it. In an apocalypse you take what you can get. At the time, he believed himself to be incredibly lucky. "Why would anyone leave so much good meat?!” Several months after consuming the mysterious meat, he begins to have strange episodes of memory loss. He also experiences strange dreams at night. They always begin the same way, with Lacrimosa by Mozart in the background. He would hear a consistent thudding and muffled sounds from the cellar. His eyes would slowly adjust to the light, and in his right hand was a standard kitchen knife. Blood dripped down from the knife onto his checkered white shirt. His left hand held a fork. When he looked down at his plate, a piece of meat glistened in the candlelight. Beside the meat, was a giant heart of some sort. Despite the grotesque appearance of it, he was transfixed. To his horror, his hands moved by themselves. Every bite brought a sense of joy to him, a sense of satisfaction. As his meal neared its ends, the consistent thudding became louder. He finishes his meal and makes his way to the cellar. The moment he opens it he wakes up without seeing what's hidden underneath. Drenched in sweat, he performs his morning duties but he has noticed that everything he eats tastes disgusting to him now. He decides to lock the cellar without looking into it.

Soon after, he encounters a friendly stranger named Gary. Eager for human contact and cooperation, he scavenges with him and invites him over. He is overwhelmed with joy after meeting someone friendly in this hostile world. Together, they secure the area around his house with fencing. Cloud mentions that he can use whatever he wants, but to stay away from the cellar since he never uses it. He wasn’t sure why he mentioned that but it seemed necessary, since he stayed away from it as well.

Several weeks in, Gary wakes up in the middle of the night because of a strange noise. He hears a very faint laugh coming from the area that he believes to be the cellar. It almost sounded like someone was whimpering. He decides to investigate the sound. He brings a machete with him and slowly exits the house. As he gets closer to the cellar, the occasional laughter gets louder. He peaks into the cellar and witnesses a horrific sight. Cloud is midway through dismembering a body of what looks to be a man. What's worse, there are countless skulls littered throughout the cellar. Cloud hears Gary and runs at him with frightening speed. The kind that you would never expect from someone twice your size. With his incredible strength, he picks Gary up with both hands and slams him unconscious into the ground. He finishes Gary off by snapping his neck. Cloud drags Gary's limp body into the cellar.

Upon waking up, Cloud feels incredibly sore and more tired than usual. He yells for Gary since he's usually up early. No response. He searches the house and finds no one but himself. "Maybe he's out looking for supplies". Cloud checks the supplies and finds a lot more meat than usual. He performs his morning duties while the meat cooks. He notices that the food tastes absolutely amazing to him. He thinks to himself, "Gary's missing out!”. Later that day Cloud decides to sweep the town and stumbles upon another friendly survivor. He asks, "Want to come check out my place? I had a friend with me but I don't know if he's coming back". The survivor says, "Sounds good. Do you have any food? I'm starving."

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