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Rampage's random Standalone videos


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First video was right before a server maintenance. Probably one of the most tense and scariest times on standalone thus far. I had various music from horror movie soundtracks playing in the background while I stream which adds to the fear factor. Nothing happened in the end but still tense.


The Bandit Bitches.......

Everyone that has met my character in game has heard the tale of the bandit bitches. Finally came around to editing the video of my encounter with them.


This almost didn't end well.................


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  • MVP

Hot damn I wish SA looked even half this good on my rig

Hooray for shitty computer :(

Nice stalking, btw, best part of the game is watching someone when they don't know you're there....

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  • Event Master

Watching this full screen even made my heart skip a beat, that would not be a pleasant thing to suddenly see a dozen meters from you.

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Added a new video about the bandit bitches

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new video added.

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