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What is the best moment you have had :D

Guest RECON_Daniel

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Guest RECON_Daniel

Whats your best moment i have just applied for the amazing DayZRP and i want to know what are some funny and awesome moments you have had?

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Ye its always good to find much food and much to drink...

But i think Daniel means, the Roleplay with the others.

I met a guy named, Dimitri ( i forgot his last name ^^)

He took me with his truck to Green Mountain, which is a well known place with crazy ppl xD

But then i problem popped out, they (a large military group) wanted to harm Dimitri, they ask me where heve been, i pointed at the wrong direction xD and these 5-6 ppl began to run into the woods xD...

Hopefully Dimitri is safe :D

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  • MVP

I signed up with somebody, but we ran into this huge group of amazing people a little bit ago c: It's been so fun roleplaying with these people and having our characters become like one big family. Hopefully you find yourself something like that! Because when you play with a bunch of people on these servers, that's when they're the most fun!

Good luck with your application! Hope to see you around!

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  • Diamond

Enforcing shariah law on Pobeda. Some of the best RP I have had.


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