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is cannibalism against the rules or not? i need a definite answer

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  • MVP

What you said would be against the rules, at least seeing how it was done. Did you comply fully to their demands?

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  • Emerald

If there was truly nothing more to the encounter then what you described, then that is very much against the rules. If you have evidence of this, I would suggest making a report.

To fully answer your question, cannibalism itself is not against the rules. This, however, cannot be used as a valid means for an initiation or execution.

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  • Emerald

Seriously what is it with all this cannibal 'RP'? The infection is barely into its 4th month and already we have resorted to eating each other?

I think its not against the rules but u must have a reason to kill someone and eat him....

Even if your character was starving I think you would be hard pressed to find a staff member who would agree with you its acceptable to kill another player simply to butcher them.

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  • Legend

Like stated above, Role playing as a cannibal is not against the rules, but you can NEVER kill anyone because of that.

It also goes other way around, you can not use game mechanics to figure out who is cannibal and then execute them for that. With game mechanics I mean that cannibal cry/laugh. No matter if you have heard from your cousin/sister/mother that random laugh or cry can be one of the symptoms of the brain disease, you cannot use only that excuse. There are hundreds of other reasons why someone would suddenly cry or laugh.

So to answer to your question, yes killing you only to eat you is very much against the rules. If there was some other reasons to kill you, then what happens after that is totally different story.

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