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DayZRP: the journal

Guest bobman235

will you read my journal.  

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Guest bobman235

I was thinking what I could do to make my rp my interesting and thought about starting an in character journal. I just want to know if someone would even read it if i posted it to dayzrp. now if I do don't expect all interesting story's. it will be what my character goes abut doing. what I find, who I find, when I get kidnaped and if I i some how escape the shit hole we all survive in.

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  • Emerald

Hell man, i write mine just to write it, put down my characters past. If people read it, great! if people like it? even better!

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Guest bobman235

how regular will the updates be?

most likely ever second week or so. just so that there is enough time for at least something to happen.

im sorry but my computer is in the shop right now so all I have is my laptop so this wont be happening for at least a month or two. sorry for not pointing that out in the main article.

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