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Just a few more miles

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I'm very inexperienced at writing so please forgive my grammar and English skills.

Just a few more miles

William stumbled as he stepped forward and tried to regain the balance of Stephen's dead weight on his shoulders.

"Hey Steve... Stephen! wake up!!!" Sweat poured down into his eyes as Will's focus darted from his radio and to the tree line.

"Steve you there" William panted.

"Y-yeah sorry just taking a nap"

"You can't do that Steve, gotta stay with me, gotta stay awake"

"I know I'm... I'm just tired"

"How are you doing, hows the bleeding?"

"Fine"  Stephen exhaled.

"That Blue Helmet convoy is somewhere in the area they'll hear our Mayday Steve"

"Sure they will"

CRACK! “argh! Fuckin-” Will lost his footing for a moment as something popped causing a surge of pain down his spine.

“You alright will?” Stephen spit something coppery smelling.

"yeah... let's change the subject, how's your wife and little Sam how's she"

"I'm tired Will, it's hard to keep my eyes open"

"Come on Steve just talk to me, how's your family"

"I don't want to talk "

"Goddamnit! Steve! don't do this... fight!" William blinked his eyes repeatedly to get the sweat out of them. 

"So your family?"

"...K-kathy left me"

"Wait what do you mean Kathy left you?"

"I mean she left me and she took S-samantha, they said I w-wasn't a good father... because I wasn't around enough"

"That's crapshit Steve... what a cunt"

a minute passes

"Steve you ok? you feeling light headed?...."

-last transmission received from unknown Mayday by Pakistani UN peacekeeping force, United Nations Stabilization Mission Chernarus 2014

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Nice read Will, magnificent masterpiece, continue please

"How are you doing, hows the bleeding?"

"Fine"  Stephen exhaled.

might need to change the grammar here though

I sense a massive influx of sarcasm here.. Damn you Nick...

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