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Days once passed


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Helmand Province, Afghanistan - 21/10/2012

The blistering heat swept through the desert with an unrelenting force, a male and a female doctor were stood outside of a large building inside of an even larger compound.

"I'm glad we don't have to work in this." the female doctor said while wiping her brow, she was already sweating even though she had only been outside for a couple of minutes. "Sometimes it makes me think that the guys we get in here are the lucky ones, a nice comfy bed in an air-conditioned room." Her colleague said between drags on his cigarette. "We should get back in there, you know what they get like when we aren't at the radio." She sighed as a helicopter came into earshot. "Look lively Hannah" the smoking doctor pointed out onto the horizon with his cigarette. "That looks like medevac." She squinted in the direction he had pointed and said "See I told you, put that out and let's go." as she opened the door and entered the hospital.

--Five Minutes Pass--

"Right I want some O-Neg over here now." Hannah shouted across the room while examining a moaning soldier's leg who was laid out on the steel operating table. "I need to see the scan results, this shrapnel is too close to an artery for me to be working off a hunch here, Jake, what do you see" she asked looking towards the other doctor from earlier who was currently cutting the soldiers clothing near his right shoulder. "Looks like two or three gunshot wounds, just let me get his shirt out of the way" he said as he tugged on the fabric causing a large rip, revealing a bloody crater in the man's shoulder. "This is worse than it looked" Jake uttered as someone handed Hannah an A3 sized piece of paper with a black and white image of the shrapnel in the man’s abdomen. She mumbles a few word to herself then announces “Right it should be an easy removal, no internal bleeding from the looks of it, get me that blood and we can get started on this... well after that” she moves over to the man’s legs and pulls back a blue sheet revealing a that most of his right leg was missing and a bandage covering his left.

“Jake, have you got all those blood vessels?” Hannah asked while attaching a blade to a handheld oscillating saw. “Yeah he is ready” he said as he was tightening the final ligature to the soldier’s leg to prevent blood loss. The wounded soldier now lays unconscious on the operating table, hooked up to an intravenous drip. Hannah walked over to the table, “Right then... let’s get this over with.”

//Thanks to my Little Grb for motivating me to write and a big thanks to Pat who didn't care that I ripped his thread design :)

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Needs more Pat.

I loved this entry though, I look forward to more. <3

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No thanks to the person who helped you in the first drafts.

Wow ok.

Really good job.. i guess


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