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no imagination


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In my defence about Yolo Boy........ Dayz somehow kept the name from id been stream sniped a while ago and no matter how many times i changed it it stuck there.

So, a few times in my panic to get back on after a game crash / server reset etc, i forgot to change name from yolo boy.... duh.

Big thanks to the mods for understanding my noobish type errors, youll be pleased to know that ive permenatnly changed it in the config files ! yay.

but what Mapesy is saying is correct, we saw wyatt earp and doc holliday last snight

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I think OP may have just run in to a rule breaker as famous names are not allowed here.

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I've seen a couple of European footballer's names being used too, including some obscure ones such as Hull City's Shane Long..

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You should poke a GM or higher when you see them and we will kick them. We are not always monitoring, so help us out and poke or message us.

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Don't forget that there are quite a few famous people over the last few thousand years, so there has to be a little leeway with them. I would so no major important popular names, like Taylor Swift or Brett Favre (best torso in football), but there is literally hundred upon hundreds of sports players in the world, with extraordinarily common and uncommon names. If the players background doesn't support that they are that person, and the name is vague I think it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

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