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Maybe a GUID issue?

Guest godmademecool

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Guest godmademecool

Hi there, basically I've been accepted and but i get max players, and then some times i get failed to connect. But I've not been able to get on yet a server yet.

I looked at my GUID here, and read online you type #beclient guid into the game to see your GUID and well what came up for me is very very different. So i tried the upgrade but after upgrade it simply reset my GUID to what it was before?

What can i do? is my GUID even wrong? lol

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/Moving to Troubleshooting

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Alrighty, good luck out there, glad to see that this was solved!


If the GUID you get from the client command is different from the one generated, you'll need to reset. You can do that by posting in this thread. Hope that helps you!


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With that being said, you not being able to connect to the server might just be the connection itself or the server crashing. That has nothing to do with your GUID.

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