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Detective Justin Tenma - The Tragedy

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Detective Justin Tenma

Backstory:Born in 1985, Justin lived in the suburbs of Washington, DC.He was of Japanese and Chernorussian decent.His father, Luke Tenma was a neuro surgeon at a local hospital. The Tenmas never seemed to face any troubles, and lived a fairly average life, never deteriorating off path.

Justin was an honors student through grade school to highschool. He even skipped 6th grade due to outstanding test scores. In high school he was top of his class. At the time he did not know what he wanted to become in life. He had the choose of anything. He could follow in his Fathers foot steps and go into medical science, but Justin wanted to make something of himself. Growing up he would always watch cop shows and movies. After taking a survey in high school he decided to become a detective of some sorts.

As usual, at the university he attended he was the top of his class. His professors would compliment his comprehension skills of a given situation and outstanding problem solving skills. He breezed through College and got his masters.

Justin was starting to get used to detective work, as it had a bit of a learning curve. Justin took another case, as usual, but this one was not like the others he took.. A serial murder case was happening near his home town, where his parents still resided. All the victims had one thing in common, they all had only one kid. Upon researching the case, he found clues which led him to an all to familiar place, the culdesac where his parents lived. Fearing for his parents life, he ran to his parents home. The door was not locked. He walked in, with his heart pounding and his mind racing. He walked into the living room, only to see a horrifying scene. His mother lay on the carpet, knife in hand, and a blood pool surrounded her. A man, seeming to be the culprit, stood staring above her, seeming to have been wounded. Without hesitation, Justin pulled out his pistol, a 1911, and pull the trigger 4 times. The man above his mom dropped, with Justin eyes filled with tears and his heart gaping with sadness.

The death of his mother came too quickly. Both Justin and his father attended the funeral. Justin Carried his normal gear with him, including his 1911. Both men were in shock, and in pain. Justin's father was trembling, and the lowering of the casket if the deceased, he grabbed for Justin's pocket. Before Justin could react, his father shot himself in the head.

Though Justin solved his first case, it brought nothing but pain and sadness to him. Both of his parents died, within weeks of eachother. The mother, gruesomely murdered, and the father committing suicide after the pain felt after loosing the one dearest to him. Justin knew he couldnt take his fathers path, but the idea crossed his mind again. Looking at his pistol, he threw it across the room. Looking at it only brought back memories he would rather not ever remember.

Most of Justin's family lived in Chernarus. To pay respects to his mothers side, he decided to go the land of where his family originated. It would also be a good way to get away from the stress he thought. So he booked a flight to Chernarus on October 1st, 2013.

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