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The Warmth of Fire

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Egann Brozik was born in Chernarus 1992 hailing from the city of Tulga, a small village in the South. Egann wasn't different that from many of the other children, he went to school, got decent grades and lived a regular life with his mother and father. He had a particular appreciation of art, he wanted to be an artist growing up. But no matter what he painted, he was never satisfied. When Egann was 8, a travelling carnival was visiting Tulga having a performance. Egann's parents brought him for his A on his art project.

The carnival was nothing different from Egann had seen on television or heard on the radio, there were clowns, trapezes acts, and a bearded lady. Egann was beginning to get bored of the show, and considered leaving when on stage came 3 muscular men, possessing sticks and a lighter began to perform a technique known as Fire Breathing. Egann was fascinated with the fire-breathers. The way the men could tame the beast known as Fire, amazed him.

As the show went on, fire became more common. From a lion jumping through a ring of fire, to jugglers juggling sticks of fire, the concept didn't change. Fire was a source of inspiration for art, it was beautiful to look at it, and warm to touch. The show finished off with what Egann described as one of the most magnificent moments in his life. A large tree, of 20 Metres was brought to the centre of the stage and lit on fire. Egann watched with his mouth open wide, how the fire destroyed everything in its path, there was no stopping it. The fire got too out of hand, causing the entire tent to set on fire. Fire fighters were called to the scene, though no one was killed, there were many injuries. Most people describe the incident as frightening and horrific unlike Egann. He viewed it as a paradise, he had never felt so warm and inspired in his whole life. From that moment on, Egann was fanatic over fire.

As the years went on, Egann attempted to combine the beautiful gift of fire with his art, such as making a model of a building out of burnt sticks, or destroying works that disgusted him with fire. Fire was not only possessed the ability to create things but also destroyed it.

When Egann was 15, he was caught and suspended from school on multiple occasions from starting fires, and even caused one of the classrooms to burn down. When the principal asked why he did it, he explained “I just wanted to feel warm. I wanted to feel inspired.” Events such as this led to an argument with Egann parent's in which they told him they were getting a divorce. Egann felt cold, unloved and a mistake, not understanding his parent's reasons. He began to become more comfortable with fire, the fire was now something that not only kept him physically warm but emotionally as well. The fire made Egann feel loved and able to continue during such a stressful time.

Egann continued to live with his mother, though things began to take a turn for the worse. Egann began skipping school and stopped contacting many of his friends. His mom thought it was the divorce having an affect on him, and didn't realize it was his fascination with fire. He skipped school to create more pieces of art, and in general get his mind off of all the troubles in his life. The fire burnt away all his problems.

At the age of 17, Egann's class was taken on a senior school trip to Chernogorsk. Egann attended the trip only because it was an art trip to the Chernogorsk Art Museum. After spending time in the museum, he snuck away from his class and entered the bathroom. He began playing with his lighter to get his mind off the stillness of the art, he found it quite boring. The lighter began to start a whole fire that caused the museum to burn down. Egann was taken to court. The court tried Egann as an adult and sentenced him for mental help at the Khasavyurt. In this museum Egann had burnt his chances of ever fitting normality.

When Egann was sentenced to the Khasavyurt, he was at first sad, not for being unable to play with fire, but Dr. Ivan told him if the patients obeyed his tests, he would have his lighter. And so he did, he was subjected to all the tortures of the institution, but yet still never felt cold as he had his lighter on him. It was his light in the darkness of the institution .

In 2014, when the infection broke out in the Institution, his cell doors were opened by the Father, who saved him and made him feel comfortable in a way his parents had never. As the Father spoke of the Maker, Egann began to believe that fire was the Maker's gift to humanity. He continues to worship the father and the Maker to this day. He wishes to eventually create an art piece with the burnt corpses of the doctors that had subjected him to torment. He will make the Father a beautiful throne with the corpses of the doctors. It will be the greatest form of art.

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Egann is a very interesting character but I think that his accent is too tough to portray atm with my knowledge of RP. I want to stick with this character which has some qualities of Egann but also pertains some qualities that Egann did/didn't possess

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