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Investorinski - Wanted dead or alive

Guest Investorinski

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Guest Investorinski

During these harsh times at the server, when the inhabitants of Chernarus are grieving the exiled S-GRU force, the one and only Investorinski has decided to make a magnificent farewell.

Enemies of S-GRU are exclusivly invited to hunt down Investorinski, rape him, steal his weapons and cripple the remains of his dead(?) corpse..... if you manage to, or even dares to try.

Sometime during Sunday night, Investorinski will establish a siege on a so far secret spot at the Chernarussian map. Friendly civilians who wishes to keep their lives are recommended to stay away from the nearby area, that will be published during Sunday afternoon.

Other scumbags, who dares to seek up the leftovers of S-GRU, should be prepared to face an instant death, i.e Kill on Sight. Investorinski himself expects, and accepts an instant death, as long as it is not by a long range weapon, i.e sniper.

The area where this event will take place will be booby trapped and protected by Investorinski's strategies. He suggest the partcipating bounty hunters to not underestimate him. He suggest that they arrive in a large group, they plan and attack in a structured and coordinated way, otherwise they will fail.

Investorinski will not give up until he is dead or until his ammo runs out. But you should expect heavy losses before that is a reality.

OBSERVE: Different participating parties are NOT allowed to engage each other unless they make proper contact like usual. There are no RP reasons whatsoever to defend Investorinski and kill his attackers, since he and S-GRU obviously had no true allies on the server.

If you or your clan wishes to participate in this event, please announce your interest in this thread.

More information will be announced.

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Guest Investorinski

Does rolle agree with this event and Kill on sight ?

Consider this thread a hostile action. And if you announce your interest in hunting me down, I take your announcement as a hostile action.

The area will be carefully selected and will not interfere with ordinary civilians.

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Guest Investorinski

Good luck with that.

Btw this is a robbery, I mean since we're using the forums to announce hostility now a days :)

Should I expect you? ;)

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  • Emerald

Whenever you see a medic running around, good chance it is me, and I am not hunting for you.

The Free medics do not try to kill you, so whatever you do, we are not free game.

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