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Rejected Application help


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Your application has been rejected because of the following reason:

"NLR is missing cool down timer details. KOS is missing initial contact details and contains incorrect info as you cannot seek revenge once 2 hours has passed"

I'm pretty sure I put "You can't go back to your corpse after 90 minutes"

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Yea it isn't just your corpse that you cant go back to for 90 mins, theres more depth to the rule than that.

Also, might want to add how a server restart effects the rule. In DayZRP there are strict KOS rules that need to be kept, this also means rules for bandits groups.

Id suggest a full re-read of the rules! Don't forget any details :)!!!

Anywho, good luck!!

- Panda

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well I got rejected for the first time due to something like that. I suggest you to re-read the rules, and explain you missed a few details.

Then re-write it properly and not missing any details, like you were explaining to a kid for the first time the rules, so you gotta be careful and slowly. Good luck in your re-app!

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  • Titanium

I'm pretty sure I put "You can't go back to your corpse after 90 minutes"

Did you put that in your app? If yes, then it is completly wrong.

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  • Sapphire

All of the other allready said it but its the best idea, go more in depth with the rule section.

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  • MVP

Kipomo, do you still need help with your whitelist application? If you are, feel free to send me a PM or reply to this thread.

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