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Project Reality (Battlefield 2 Mod)

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Guest WaltteriH

Been playing BF2 for a long time. I have the all DLC's, but the original BF2 demo beats it all.

PR2 is not for me though, too complicated for simple engine.

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Guest Alpha

Been playing this for years, just wanted to bump this thread with the recently released 1.0 beta update! :D


Anyone wanting to play let me know

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  • Emerald

I'd rather play Arma :D

Ever tried this?

No, but I've watched quite a few videos :) I'm not hating on it for the sake of hating on it :P

Dont get me wrong, I dont hate it or anything. I'd just rather not spend money on it :P

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  • Server Manager

I love PR, haven't played it in like 2 yeaes

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Guest Alpha

I love PR, haven't played it in like 2 yeaes

Should try this one out man, it's got a lot of amazing features added. It's a pain in the ass to get into one of the Beta servers at the moment though jesus christ. They've got only 3 100 slot servers running for what... 5000 people? You're best off trying to connect in the early morning when there's only few online.

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