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recording and editing


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Hi everyone

Seeing as how we have many members that are very good at making videos, I have a question to ask you. I've tried pretty much everything to my knowledge and spent countless hours yesterday on the interweb reading and trying different fixes.(This guy is not super computer friendly)

I recently started recording recently using OBS initially to record any shenanigans on the RP server but have some great footage of RP I'd like to edit and share at some point.

Heres my dilema.

WMM(windows movie maker) Seem like an awesome free vid software.

I tried to make a video using Windows Movie Maker (It was pretty awesome) and ran into some issues.

Im not able to upload to youtube due to the fact when WindowsMoviemaker asked me to login to youtube it says my login info is wrong. Can't be wrong as I can log into my youtube via any browser. Tried all the fixes with that to no avail.

I am not able to save either. 1st the program would stop responding when trying to save. I am unable do anything to my knowledge with the WLMP format.

I uninstalled and downloaded the latest version. Still nothing. It doesn't crash now and gives me the save window but never even starts part1 of the save. Program responds but nothing happens.

I also read this program has a bug ( looking at my processes this uses a ridiculous amount while being open and not doing anything) so I upped my virtual memory up as watched in numerous videos. No luck there either.

I reduced the amount of effects and video lengths to see if that was it ( memory issues) and didn't work.

I changed the compatibility to an older version as watched in vids and that didn't work either. I tried saving it numerous ways also.

Stuck there pretty much


So i try Ezvid. Easy program with very little options but that damn music takes out all my audio. I deleted the default audio tracks but this program just isn't for me. I can't get my game play audio and music with this set up.

Next up is Lightworks(free version)

I couldn't get my files to upload and realized they aren't in proper format (obs records in FLV which won't load). I downloaded some software that can convert file to a workable format MWV. When I load it to LW it has no audio. Should I be formating AVI or something else? Does this get lost in the re-formating process? Like I said before I'm not super computer friendly but willing to take the time needed to accomplish making some decent movies down the road.

So here are my question to you wizards out there.

Any idea how to get Moviemaker to save? Kinda like the software if the damn thing worked. :)

Can I change the format in which OBS saves the data? More workable/friendly format?

Should I bite the bullet and pay to use a better recording and/or editing software.

Is there a different recording software that I can download and use with a decent video software programs?

If anyone has any suggestions it would be most appreciated.


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Hey thats me with the Raspy voice. Tony Greene Here. lol. that was a fun night. Fun to watch it all over again. Thanks for sharing :D

Thanks for watching the Video Tony. You have an awesome voice and character I might add. Other than the boxers there, you really carried the show.


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