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ShnoopyShnoo Here.


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Hey my name is Mckenzie - but if you don't like that name you can always just call me Shnoopy. I am new around these parts and don't know much about the system. I hope to have the best time here and to have a wonderful time playing with you all, thanks, Shnoopy.

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For some reason its easier for me to call you Mckenzie than Shnoopy.

Anyway, welcome, to DayZRP!

Let me know if you are in need of help and ill do my best :)

Since you are new to the server and to RP i suggest that you check out the guide section on the forums.

A lot of tips and tricks for you there.

See you around and good luck with your whitelist application!

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Hah, thanks, I have read all of the rules and all of the conditions, I have applied and am waiting on a reply, hopefully I can get on and we can stumble across each other in the land of Chernarus, thanks,

See you around c:

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