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  • MVP

There are alot of these threads just wanna make something clear

So I noticed that people like to kill eachother as soon as someone put a threat on you. DONT DO THIS PLEAS

If I rob someone I try to keep him alive because I wanna give the person some good RP and dont wanna kill him.

Keep this in your head next time you rob someone

(Its your own choice ofcours but it would be more fun for the victim.)

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  • Sapphire

if you dont wanna kill him or get killed then surely the answer for you is to not initiate yes?

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  • MVP

if you dont wanna kill him or get killed then surely the answer for you is to not initiate yes?

EDIT: LOL I mentif the victim says I will kill u :P

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  • Sapphire

also if you say like I will kill you,

Ofcours its a reason to kill the other person but you can also just leave some good RP and leave it

I know what you mean but saying stupid things gets people killed quite literally in this sense too.

Just watch what you say or who you are saying it to.

Are you saying that you can just kill anyone as long as you say you to them beforehand?

no hes saying he wants to be able to say things like "il kill you" and "you willl pay for this" without getting insta blasted just for saying it

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  • Emerald

I'm with Nihool here. Didn't decipher it correctly either.

Indeed people are very trigger happy.

The thing is, if initaited on, they can attack you.

If you don't want to get this risk, then don't initiate.

Thing is, allot of people think they are being initiated on, while they're not.

And that's what OP wants to bring up as a discussion... I think...

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  • Diamond

Think of it like this, you are in a heated situation and the guy you are shouting at says *I'll fucking kill you, dogpig*

Would you kill him for saying that? No, of course not.

Moral of the thread, you can't kill someone if they just threaten you.

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