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About whitelist registration


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I got a question about whitelist registration, I did not get through the registration because of some mistakes I made, but I wanted to fix it by reading the rules more and get it actually clear 'cause I really want to play on this server and I says: ,,Your application has been rejected three times!". I did the registration for the first time and I got this message. Is everything okay with this message or am I just getting it wrong.

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  • MVP

Sounds like your app bugged out somewhere if thats true. I would suggest hopping on teamspeak and talking to a admin :)

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  • Diamond

Wrong? Contact an admin on TS perhaps.

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  • El Presidente

In essence you applied with someone else's SteamID and GUID. The SteamID you applied with corresponds to a Steam account called "steamID64", which is obviously incorrect. Other people before you did the same mistake and were rejected, that's why yours was as well.

It remains a mystery to me how so many people can fail at such a simple task as finding out their correct SteamID :D

Now I have to fix this mess, stand by.

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  • MVP

Has this been fixed Hamik?

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